Topic: a few questions

Instead of making a bunch of different topics I figured I'd condense it into one topic.

1) Generally speaking, how long do requests take to get approved?

2) Can some of these scores tables be condensed? Do we need 70 different high score tables for the OutRun Sega Genesis NTSC cartridge? (7 difficulties, 5 different routes, 2 different console types; original hardware VS non-original/emulated)

3) If I play a PS1 game on a PS2, am I entering that score into non-emulated or emulated?

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also: has anyone run into these sped up Ms Pac-Man machines? every single one I've come acoss has Ms Pac-Man moving like she's on crystal meth

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1) The average was about 4-6 weeks but seems now to go faster. Depends also for which platform.

2) That's the beauty of this site. Difference between emu and genuine hardware. Everybody can ask a specific request/setting. I know some sites group some console platforms but I am strongly against it. As there are always some differences.

3) I believe this was once answered here. As long as you use PS1 games on a phat PS2 (1st generation) it should be posted on genuine hardware. As the phat model had the original chipset from the PS1 inside. after that, it's emulation.

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what about ROMs played on DreamSNES on the Dreamcast?

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Consider it Emulation.

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We never really came to a conclusion on the PlayStation lines of backwards compatibility; Sony seems to have changed direction  on it with every model. I think personally think it’d be simpler to just accept Sony’s backwards compatibility as original hardware. It hasn’t come up here yet as far as I know but one of the Xboxone models has backwards compatibility with some previous Xbox’s. I don’t know the details as I never got into Xbox but it’s apparently some type emulation made by Microsoft; at the moment they are accepting it as original hardware to whichever console it’s emulating over at twin galaxies 


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Ms pac man turbo entry right here. (It was a common modification from what I know back in the day)

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