Topic: Added a bunch of stuff to my Elgato HD setup and just got it all working

I've posted twitch videos of most of my scores which I had been recording with an Elgato HD on my Mac Book Pro. Previously I had been unable to use the latest Game Center software on OSX and couldn't get anything working on a Lenovo Windows 7 laptop. After a few emails from their tech support I have now setup a proper Twitch Stream complete with overlays, a webcam (Logitech C920 Pro) and after some more fiddling a better mic. In case anyone else has any questions I can do my best to help. This has been a great project to work on and I'm looking forward to seeing how I can use this :)

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How easy have you found this to be to setup and use, so far?

And let us know how to find you on Twitch once you get that going!

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My channel is and here is a video that uses the Game Capture HD software that comes with the Elgato HD:

After playing around with it's limited options for customizing layout I've now moved over to OSB, I will have a video of this soon (been busy with work).  As for ease, there seem to be a lot of small annoying problems that keep everything from working exactly how you want them to, but overall OSB is a more functional and higher quality tool (and it's free).  I like the passthough ability of the Elgato HD hardware.  This lets me play on my TV with very little (I can't actualy notice any) latency, while the stream is sent to my laptop for encoding (and combined with my web cam)

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