Topic: Atari 7800 fanatic

I saw the contest on AtariAge and that's what brought me here. 

My favorite system has always been the Atari 7800 because that was my first home console. I am a few uncommon games away from a complete collection. I also currently own a PS3, PS2, early Wii with the Gamecube controller slots, Vita, 3DS, three flashbacks and a handheld AT Games Genesis system (I recently beat Ghouls n' Ghosts on it). The homebrew community has helped keep my Atari active. (I'm hoping someone finally gets around to a Mr. Do! on 7800).

I'll most likely be posting Atari scores while I'm here. Hoping to win the contest but I'm way behind. But even if I don't win, I'll set a few records to beat for others,. 

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Welcome here. I never had a 7800 but now I do. But still waiting on that flash card. Or is it already out? Keep in mind when posting, to add your name tag and at least a picture of your system. Cheers.

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Always good to see more Atari submissions!

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Welcome, and great videos  :)

Also great job beating Ghouls N Ghosts surprise

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