Topic: Big score 1st. place record evidence.

I think it's time a new rule came into place.
Many a time have I seen a 1st place score which in my limited knowledge seems impossible or improbable.
I'm sure I have a couple of my own, but I supply video to support my claims.
To beat a record of some standing should require video evidence. To post a screen shot is not good enough for really high top scores. anyone can use save states, etc, and I'm sure most people use them honestly, but to beat a record with 10 previous entries with just a picture, does not cut it with me.
What does everyone else think?

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I agree too.

There are specific cases in which Fast Forward of Framerate higher than 60 FPS is considered CHEATING at my own discretion:

I will give 4 examples:

1) Midnight Mutants (Atari 7800 Emulated) - Fastest time to score 9,999,990 points or to complete a game by saving Grampa.

2) Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (Atari 2600 Emulated) - Fastest time to complete a game with a perfect score of 199,000 points.

3) Centipede (various systems) - Highest score obtained under a certain time limit counted with a real stopwatch (3-minute time limit).

4) Super Mario Bros. (NES) - Fastest time to complete a game / Speed Run.

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There are some scores on here that are, if not impossible, pretty damn impressive, yet they were approved with nothing more than a single score screenshot. I would never have said yes for those submissions and have no idea how they got through.

I have a question around save states. I've never actually used the feature, so am not sure how it works. I'm assuming that someone could save their state (at say, the start of level 11 in a 12 level game), then restore to that point over and over until they finally finish the last 2 levels. If that person recorded their game up until the save state AND their successful last 2 levels, I'm assuming they could seamlessly splice the two videos together and claim it as a single game.

I love this site, and trust the regulars that I communicate with, but how could we detect something like that? Besides the fact that you'd have to watch the whole video (which I doubt many people would have the time to do for every submission) to pick up on any anomalies, what would the telltale signs be?

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I only use a save state in MAME to save the hi-score table AFTER playing and record a game. I also show the dip switch settings which I believe is equally important in most games.

I hated it when they removed the hiscore.DAT support many years ago.

For the Speccy I did the same with Z80 or SNA files. It was just to preserve my own scores for the future laugh. There was only me and no The speccy CD ROM from the 90s was all with those formats. Now with the Divmmc hw on my real spectrum I skipped saving scores as the device can't save snapshots with a correct name, only as snap000x which is inconvenient.

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I totally agree with this rule.

I take the time to record videos of every game I play (except pinball games) and to upload them (with my slow connection), Sure you can't post as many scores as with screenshots alone, but does that really matters ? Quality over quantity wink

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I'm still using the hiscore.dat. there's an unofficial file available here :

(latest version for MAME 0.158 but works fine with newer versions of MAME)

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Ah OK. I will try it. I hope it works on the x86 version.

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you are right on the save states.
did not mean for video, but for pictures.

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I'm on board, totally agree with you kernzy

all we gotta do is vote no if the score dominates and has only a pic.  even if only the people in this thread held to the rule, it would be enough to enforce it.  exceptional scores require exceptional evidence.

I'm ok with pictures but sometimes that just isn't good enough evidence to make it fair for the site.

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Agree but we need to demand video for any recording. Not only the ones that beat top scores. Demand Video for all scores,

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Agree but we need to demand video for any recording. Not only the ones that beat top scores. Demand Video for all scores,

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i would say that too, but no. 1 only is good enough for me. 
If you can take a picture of your score, you can very probably make a video with the same camera/phone.
no excuse these days.

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I agree on most of this, but if you require video for 1st place, it should be for all first places.

The reason i think this, is thatjust because somebody thinks a score is insanely high is not reason enough to say its not valid. Also demanding video only on ver high scores would be unfair, cause that would make people have to reveal playing tactics so that other people can just learn from them.

I am all for video submission, but then for all scores.

A wuestion, i have scores on c64 that are insanely higher than second place on TG list, like 10 million on Yie Ar Kung Fu, this was done back in 1986, if i had a picture of this score, shouldnt it be allowed ?

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see, that's tricky.
I believe you scored 10 million, because I scored 1 million back then and had numerous extra lives left when i stopped playing.
These are VIDEO games. we should have video's for them all.
Would you be happy to see only pictures of your team winning the cup final? I don't think so. :)
No matter how much you watch Ronaldo play, you will never be as good as him.
Indeed, someone watched my bomb jack video's, and he beat my record. was I upset? hell no. i was happy to have another task to complete. so I beat it back.
It's what gaming is all about.

If you are scared someone will beat you, then you are not the best yet. wink

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Scared ? No chance, geez its only a game score.

Like i said above, what i want is to require video no matter how low the score is.

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yes, I agree.

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I agree for top scores only. It might not be necessary to modifying the site to state that, It could just be a by-law from its members and from the looks of this thread the 8 people who agree could easily enforce this by voting NO on pictures only for top scores and after a while people will get the message. I would consider getting more people involved before going that route though.

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good idea. 
people power!  laugh

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So it finally happens with out me. Congragulations for seeing things my way. I know several replies from users in here were on my side already but I see others names as well and I see people agreeing with Kernzy. I gather my problem was I'm an asswipe to those who do not see logically. Anyway I'm glad you post this Kernzy and I'm also happy to see so far your not receaving all the grief I have in the past. Hopefully this is not just an honerable post but rather turns into a website update with populair vote.

Great post.

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THinking on thios topic, we should ofcourse reqire video of all pinball scores too then.

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I think pinball ( not being a player of) is harder to fake.
I don't know, but video or it didn't happen is my philosephy, for everything..
If you had a video of yourself drinking volcano lava, I would not doubt it.
You get me?? laugh

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Finally others see my side of the fence. The save state video splicing is EASY which is why video should be external rather then screen record. take this video for instance. This video is recorded in game by code in game rather then actual video capture. Load the rom and the recorded code at let it play itsself while screen recording. This is the no a button pess challenge

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Agreed and do to the above video it shows only video captured from an external device showing the user playing the game should be accepted.

A video needs to demonstrate the hardware it authentic. Example of looking authentic vs being authentic. Looking authentic could be buying a USB controller that appears to look like one from a real gaming system so recording the controller is not enough. Authentic is showing the cable belongs to the system and that the controller used while visably pluged into the system otherwise it could be emulation.

If emulation is intended then the user should still use an external recording device to demonstrate it is them playing rather then a coded recording of a TAS.

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As useual I like to referto this video to demonstrate proper external video evidence

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Accepting scores for pinball is kind of a tricky thing,it's even harder to do a video being that most poeple don't have pinball machines in there house, there played out in a location mostly. I own 2 pinball machines myself and the modern tables (1991-present) have shitloads of settings to make the game harder or easier, plus you can have up to 10 balls a credit if you wanted to.

The only way to truly make it an even playfield is to open up door and use the buttons and show the game options (which would take a few minutes in itself) or use the "reset to defaults". This isnt a very realistic option for almost anyone out there. With that in mind, when you find a pinball out in the wild for play, have go at it, take a photo, and upload your score to the proper chart (3 ball or 5 ball). 

The pinball charts are fun here and I like to post to them but even at the local arcades here in austin texas some of the machines are setup differently from one place to another, and I wouldn't be suprised if that the case throughout arcades everywhere.

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According to Qwaun, he said that is a video-only site meaning that unless you have a video of your guys' gameplay due to your highest score, NO votes will abound.  You're all kidding, right?  I only do that for rollover purposes only.

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I get you, Derek.  You'll need a special, bulky camcorder in order to record a video of your pinball gameplay.  Like that guy, recording his pinball gameplay at PAPA World Headquarters.  Stig's just missing a point.

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I see nothing wrong with asking for more proof other than a photo when it's a big a score, especially from poeple whom have abused the system by using photos to cover up cheating when a video would have made that impossible to do. With that said, I don't really want to demand videos from everyone but poeple who have tried to deceive us more than acouple times should be held to a higher standard of evidence ;)



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Indeed, to demand a video is a bit much to ask some people, but if you are serious about gaming, and your score is the best, why would you NOT want to make a video?

As people say online to people  who claim they have done something amazing:
"Video or it didn't happen" !!

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I think scores do need videos if neccesary.

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When it's extremely high, yes.

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Hey Kernzy, instead of just when you get 1st place that you have to make a video of your guys' gameplay, When you REALLY achieve the SUPER HIGHEST score or features rollovers, then you really have to make a video of your guys' true gameplays!!  Better idea, eh?  Rather than just 1st Place, but the SUPER HIGHEST score you done, it's mandatory.  When you achieve 1st Place on lower to medium score, you don't have to make a video of your gameplay.  Simple as that, right?

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But no need to do videos on pinball machines when you achieve a really super highscore as you and Derek said.  It would be complicated and you'll have to buy some special equipment to record the videos of your pinball gameplay, just like they did and they have when I visited PAPA World Headquarters at Carnegie, Pennsylvania (part of Pittsburgh) when PAPA World Headquarters was held 5 months ago.  JonDSD has the highest scores on pinball as he's the pinball wizard on and didn't require a video of his gameplay.

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For video games, they should ALL be a video. It is called a video game, and sometimes all we see is a picture.
I use my mobile phone, on a camera tripod, which I bought for £5.
I used the top of a selfie stick to hold the phone, and bought a tripod adapter for the mounting.
Before I got this stuff, I used my phone blu tacked to a shelf!

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I don't normally do that in public like arcades, pinball parlors, anime conventions, and other public places like that.  So before you and others vote NO,  I just type in by public locations I played.

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Except when there is a laserdisc arcade game such as Dragon's Lair I & II, Space Ace, etc, I just record a video of my laserdisc arcade gameplay.

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Yeah, but still Kane, they all gotta be joking, right?  I'm pretty sure they are!  Not trying to be defiant, though.

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I'm pretty sure that I can agree with you on what you said!

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That's what Kernzy thinks,  He thinks that uploading scores of video games as they are "video" games.

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I admit I have a cell phone but I can't hold it with one hand while playing the game with the other.  I know there are tripods but those are expensive.  Not to mention my phone eats up battery power rather quickly.  I think it should be on a case-by-case basis if possible.

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@LarcenTyler: Really 100% agree with you, Larcen!! I got a tripod, smartphone w/64GB Micro SD Card, USB charging cable, & Pocket Juice (Portable Charger)!
Posted by on 2018-07-09 03:29:27

@kernzy: How about you stop trolling and move on?! Thank you!
Posted by on 2018-11-13 13:13:08