Topic: BlondeSurferGirl strikes back again!!

Attention HighScore users!!  That troll, BlondeSurferGirl returns to this site, voting NO on our beloving scores!!  Including the one with videos!!  Are there any ways we can do about it like waiting for him to get very tired??  Shoot me an input at moment!!  We should stop submitting scores at the moment!

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I can only think that they are targetting particular members. I've got a bunch of non-pinball scores sitting at 100% (my pinball scores always fare badly, despite there being more proof that they are legit). It's sad to say, but I think reacting to trolls generally leads to becoming a target.

Are your scores in danger of going under 80%? If not, then you might just have to bear it until Serious gets around to disabling whoever's behind it. It's not a nice feeling having people vote no on your submissions for false reasons, but it's kind of the nature of the beast in a community like this one.

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The trolls strike back... *sigh*

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@TheTrickster: Where is Serious?
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@LarcenTyler: Don't worry, Larcen! I've already warned all users about all this crisis!! They should get the message hopefully!!
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@TheTrickster: My scores of the Japanese table flipping game were under 80 percent, so I removed them for my legit ratings will!! Did you stop submitting scores as well?? 'Cause this is dangerous and I'm trying to protect you and other legit users against this crisis!!
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Hi Larcen,  I spoke to Derek on the messager, he thinks we made rivals with trolls in the first place.  We've been arrogantly telling the trolls to get off this site because of their low reputation, it's our completely fault.  We should never've done that.  We're completely doomed....!!

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You cannot be serious!

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@LarcenTyler: Well I am, and I've already started an apology discussion.
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Once again ichi is missing the point; you have no proof that someone is a troll and cannot tell them how to vote. This is pretty much a public site and anyone can log in and vote. When you repeatedly talk down to people you think  are trolls they can get back at you by down voting any score you put up. Your just making enemies and can't do anything about it other than start threads in forum like this, which have never helped anyone's cause on his matter. 


Voting no all scores is pretty much just being a jerk and I don't approve of it at all, but you can't really do anything about in this current format of the site

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But my question is, how are we able to see who voted NO??

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We only need the NO button for those who don't play by this site's rules!!

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Instead of refering to them as trolls, let's refer to them as rule breakers instead!!  Good Idea!?

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We cannot see who votes no or yes, that's why you have no proof and only assumptions on who is doing it, which can get you a lot of enemies if you keep guessing who's doing it.


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@derek: Um, right.
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I remember when someone on discussions upload few pictures of cats taking a dump on a littler box, was that actually constantly trolling?

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You heard what Trickster said, we should all wait for that rule breaker to be bored, but first, don't say anything to them, got it?

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Derek was completely right,  Let us voters VOTE!!  And we should discontinue starting your negative topics on Discussions page (I should stop that as well.)!!

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Completely agree with you Derek,

And i think the best strategy is to not pay attention and wait troll(s) get tired and go out, 
to the next.

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@ichigokurosaki1991 you are great player, you brings many at HS, don't waste your time and energy with troubles players.

Just ignore them, they go out quick if we don't pay attention.

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@Larquey: It's TheTrickster's idea.
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@Larquey: And thank you very much, sir!! I owe you for this!!
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I wish people started to like me again.  Why?  Because I apologized to BlondeSurferGirl, JaiJingle, and of course AsteroidsDeluxe for usage of fully censored profanity (even though BlondeSurferGirl started R-rated words.  This site is PG-13 rated.

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BlondeSurferGirl swore at you? Where did this happen?

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Don't you remember, girl?  He swore at us and when uploading his bogus scores along with his 2nd user he made, FashionIslandGal, he begins cussing and junk talking on comments about on his bogus scores 4 months ago.  This public venue is rated PG-13.  I had to censorly cuss at him back!  That makes that 2-in-1 user less legit and we would never put up with this nonsense.  Is it true that this 2-in-1 user is a male user posing himself as women??

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I apologize, my memory isn't what it used to be.

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@LarcenTyler: No worries.
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