Topic: GameCube Game Player Add-on

The GaneCube Game Player allows for the playing of GB, GBC, and GBA titles on the GameCube. I am inclind(ed) (sic?) to say that it's original hardware, and not emulation, except that it requires the use of a Boot Disc to play the GB (Color Enhanced), GBC, and GBA games.

What does everyone else think? I own a GBA SP, so I can and do sometimes play them that way. But the Game Player allows the games to be displayed on a big screen. Thoughts?

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GamePlayer, NOT GanePlayer. LOL!

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Noone cares about the lowly GameCube it seems, silly person.

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Hey Mark!

I would say, the original Game Boy Player from Nintendo is no emulation, because it has the GBA Chips like a real GBA. So real hardware, like the Super Game Boy for the SNES.

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Thanks. I wasn't totally sure about the hardware being the same but the Boot Disc was making me think emulation. Thanks again!

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