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Hello All! You may have noticed me uploading scores to this site but as a new member I should properly introduce myself.

My name is John George Boorman (JBoorman) (JGB). I am 21 years old from England and have been gaming since 1998. The first video game I ever played was Super Mario World.
My main genre is arcade games. I am a huge fan of light gun games especially the Time Crisis series. I also play shmups and bullet hell type games. My main goal is to get the 1CC (No continue clear) if possible.
Favourite  game developers are CAVE, Taito, Namco, Sega, Nintendo, Arika and Treasure.
Anyway it is a pleasure to be here and I will support this site by uploading scores and voting. 
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@JBoorman: Welcome!!
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Thank you for sharing!  Good to get to know you!  Keep gaming!

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Your welcome! I sure will keep on going.

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Hey great scores and great intro, thanks for sharing!

I don't remember the first video game I played, it might have been Pac-Man (Arcade).  But, I remember the first time I saw a video game...  1979,  I was four years old and the game was Surround on the Atari VCS/2600.  I wanted to play but my Uncle & his buddy scrambled away with the Atari!  

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Your welcome! I work hard to achieve these scores.  I know how that feels when you really want to play something but somebody else has already taken it!

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@JBoorman: Welcome!!!
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