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Hello High score community, first pair of scores are on the board so time for proper introduction


My name Is Brandon Guerra, i am 20 years old and i am a shmup player but more into the classic stuff and maybe a little dabble into some bullet hell shmups.  The first shmup i ever played was either galaxian or galaga. played galaga in a laundromat on a combo cabinet with ms.pacman on it. galaxian i have played first on namco museum vol. 3 on ps1 and played it in not really one form or another but a decent array.  did not get into modern shmups of the 2000's until 19xx, giga wing and dodonpachi


i play my runs on a qanba drone arcade stick.  and that's about it, very happy to be here, i will continue going for records here as well as interact with some of you on other scores. 

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Welcome to High Score!  Play fair, don't be an ass, and vote for other's scores and this site will be nothing but fun for you.  Glad to have new members here who make the most of their experience here.  Have fun!

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will doyesyes

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@BrandonGuerra97: Welcome!!
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@ichigokurosaki1991: Thank you, happy to be here
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Welcome! Have fun!
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thanks, will do yesyes

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@BrandonGuerra97: We have a facebook group too, i think it is highscore retro gamers.
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hmm, might have to check it out

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