Topic: Hello from Argentina

I'm going to introduce myself.

I am fabian, from the city of Rosario in Argentina. My age is 51 years old, I am married and I have 2 children.

I'm passionate about video games, especially the arcade of the golden age , that are part of my adolescence.
I never had consoles. I always had computers outside of the arcade. In his time passed through my hands the zx81, zxspectrum, TI 994a, C64, Amiga and finally recale in the PC. I got to play in atari 2600 and telemach of friends.
To play I currently own a mid / low range gamer PC and a multi-game cabinet -of home construction- where I play mame.

I end by saying that I feel very comfortable at where I feel that something revives from the arcade rooms of my adolescence. A community with a diversity of people united by the love of videogames.
My English is very bad and that's why I'm using the google translator.

Best regards to all.

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Wecome to High Score laugh

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Welcome here too. Hope to see some Speccy scores laugh

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Glad you are here!

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@predicad0r: Como estas, Senor Fabian?
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Muy bien amigo! yes

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welcome, predicad0r!  thanks for sharing, rock on!!

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Cool introduction! Good to see another New Gamer on the scene. I too am a Arcade Games enthusiast of the MAME type. Looking forward to your participation- Later Gamer!

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