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Hi everyone, I've recently joined and after weeks, I finally got a few of my submitting Atari 8-bit game high-scores validated.

I am the creator of Retro Gamers Hub with currently over 25 Retro Gamers groups on facebook from Pong/Atari to Xbox/PlayStation, Pinball machines to Arcade video games with over 30,000 members overall. You can see an overview of all my Retro Gamers groups on one page here: I also have a Fan Facebook page

As you may imagine, I am a huge fan of retrogaming and I'm all about establishing High-Scores. Happy to have found this site to publish my best scores. I like it so much, that I've recently created a dedicated group to be added on facebook for high scores. A nice addition to my to my Retro Gamers Hub:

Hopefully, I will be able to bring a lot more retro gamers from my retrogaming groups to participate here and contribute to make this place even more fun!

Also, I have recently started a new thread at the Web Site Enhancements section about Faster High Score Validation Ideas.

Now, I hope with my retrogaming members I will be able to get more to participate.. I will promote this site to them periodically.


Retro Gamers Hub Facebook page

My gameroom floor plan: 

My MAME ultimate HyperSpin Arcade & Consoles games emulation cabinet.
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