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Hey all, finally got one of my scores accepted so I can make one of these.

I'm Pearl, mostly a shmup player (Generalizing on the Touhou series of games) of the bullet-hell genre, think Dodonpachi, Touhou & Mushihimesama. However, because of this site I've been trying older games from companies like Raizing & Psikyo and honestly I'm having a really fun time experimenting.

I'm currently 18 years old, and have been playing shmups for almost 2 years now, some of my best accomplishments are mostly in the Touhou series of STG's (All games 1cc on Lunatic as well as many Lunatic No-Bomb 1cc's) However I've recently been doing arcade clears, my most recent one being Mushihimesama Arrange ALL, which I am very proud of, however when it comes to older style shmups like 1942 and the like, I just dont enjoy them.. a little too slow paced for my liking.

I play all my games using a keyboard (Razer Blackwidow) Instead of controller/arcade stick as I find the keys are much easier for me to use than a dpad or joystick.

That's about it really, It's great to be here.

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Hey, how are you?

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@Pearl: Doing Radical!! Must be younger than me!
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What up Pearl? How ya doing.
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Doing good, been doing practice in other games recently, how about yourself?

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Welcome Pearl,

Great to have you on the site. You have some seriously killer skills!!!


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Welcome!  Glad you are here!  Thank you for sharing and keep gaming!

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