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Just signed up last month. Great site. It definately is breathing a lot of life into old carts i have lying around. I work at a game store so i have access to a lot of games id probably never play, let alone buy. I spread word about this site whenever i can but there doesnt seem to be a great deal of interest. However i did get a family member and a couple friends to sign up and verify my scores. Its a pretty addicting site and just trying to get verified is half the fun. Cheers
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Good to hear :) Just keep in mind that, although it might be fairly quick getting your scores verified for the time being, can take up to a few weeks on the other hand, along with an occasional no vote from someone even if you're following the rules by having a photo with your initials on your score and/or a video.  It's just the way things are, unfortunately.

But welcome!

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Glad you are here!  Keep playing and have fun!

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Welcome to Highscore!
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