Topic: Hi everybody, I'm Eddie!

Hello from France, where I'm from.

Just arrived here, searching what could be the best score in "Winter games" on Atari 7800, I've been taken to the spiral :-)

I use a Rapsberry Pi3 with Retropie to emulate. Sometimes on my computer too (Linux Mint with differet emulators). I have real hardware too. A Wii, a Game Boy Color, a DS and an old Master System II (actually, GBC, Wii and DS are not so young too...).

Hope I will get fun here.

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Welcome Eddie laugh

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What up, man?  Welcome!!

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Welcome Eddie.

A reference to pick the complete pack of 7800 ROMS for use with emulators.

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Thanks everyone. 

And thanks for the link, I just have to choose now!

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Eddie, welcome!  Glad you are here!

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