Topic: Hi , Glad to meet you all

Finally got my 1st score accepted on Magical Drop I, sfc. 

So, hello. 

Nice site. 

Btw, do you know when or how requests are accepted ? there's no score setting for Magical Drop 2 on sfc-snes and I got some good scoring to upload on that one. 



Posted by on 2019-03-04 11:39:05


Congratulations to your first accepted score! 

You can request a game by first searching whether it's already on here. You did this as you already know that Magic Drop 2 is not. Do it again and scroll down. At the bottom you find a request game link that takes you straight to the request area. Fill this out by choosing the correct platform, fill out the name of the game and inform about how the game scores (highest, lowest, time, etc.). If it's not default settings specify the game settings or the level it's played at. The request is eventually processed by the platforms admin. There is no way to tell how quickly this is done as this varies greatly.

Happy posting!

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OK,  that's what I did 2 weeks ago.I also thought I needed to have an accpeted score for my request to be accepted. I'll keep waiting, no hurry. Thx 

Posted by on 2019-03-05 00:53:47