Topic: Hi, I'm Bomber Murphy

Hey guys, I'm Bomber Murphy from Germany. I play Atari 2600 since I was a kid in the 80s and that's what I still do today. My favourite games are jungle hunt, smurf and outlaw. My brother is on here too. The rest of my time is spend with playing music, drawing and drinking coffee
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Welcome Bomber laugh

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thank you blush

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So many hours of Outlaw 2-player action on Atari 2600! We never really stopped playing it, did we? :-)

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Great to have a retro brother. Mine already past away 10 years ago. We played a lot on his Amstrad and my Spectrum. And then he discovered  girls... pfffff. laugh

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That sounds like a good life.  x)

I gave up gaming for school and music. 

Now I rock gaming and growing food!  (and a little bit of music and books, haha)

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Sounds like a very nice way to spend your time! 

Welcome, and I hope you have fun!  :-)

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