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Hello everyone, great to be here! I grew up playing video games ever since i could remember. Spending hours on my dad's 2600 playing Yars Revenge and Asteroids. I am primarily an NES gamer but within recent months have become addicted to Pacman and other namco arcade games. I picked up some of the early plug and plays that did not save high scores so i went looking for sites that tracked high scores. I found and fell in love with the country, state, city high score tracking as opposed to just one score. So i decided to make this home for me. My competitive streak has kicked into overdrive as i am now playing video games more and for a purpose ^^ Thanks for having me. I am an easy person to get along with and hope to be here for a while
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Thanks for your introduction! It's interesting to hear about your gaming experience! Welcome to Highscore again! laugh

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@RetroRob: Thank you for the welcome RetroRob ^^
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Welcome Pony laugh

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@JES: Many thanks ^^
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@Scorechaserpony: What's up, man?
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@ichigokurosaki1991: Not much, cleaning out some nes carts ^^
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@Scorechaserpony: Don't let it kept dirty.
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@ichigokurosaki1991: Ok... I had just bought them and they were in need of cleaning
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Welcome!  Glad you are here!


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@SeanStewart: Thank you very much
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Welcome to the Home of hu-scores- Later Gamer!

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Hi-Scores... a freaking loath autocorrect (lol).

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Nice to have another 2600 gamer on here, along with someone with interest in plug and plays (although their quality can vary).

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@DarrylB: Yeah, the plug and plays can be kinda iffy lol. Especially when picking up used ones
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Rock on!!

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