Topic: high score resetting

I used to work for a company that would reset the high scores on all the game machines every time they made their rounds. Some of them would be reset once a week, a lot of others would be monthly. I don't know exactly how this benefitted the company financially and if it's common practice, but it makes me less likely to feed their machines money when I know my high score won't be displayed longer than a week on that machine.

Is this an industry standard? Is it good? Or bad? Share your thoughts! :-)

(oh and in Central Minnesota, it seems the game of choice in bars is Buck Hunter)

Posted by on 2017-11-18 18:22:01

I think many businesses (& even arcades) do that to save money, unfortunately.

one reason why i love Blairally arcade!

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Seems like most default scores on arcade games are easily beat; by resetting them often it might give more gratification out to mediocre players which would entice them to play again.

I know at Pinballz here in Austin they only seem to reset them when they work on said game/pinball machine. I do think I remember reading on there Facebook page few years ago that they were doing the annual Jan 2 highscore reset on all games; it’s the best time for you come out and get your initials up your favorite machine for all to see:)

It’s gotta to be a marketing 

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A new year calls for new scores in there add 

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