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What, was it just me and ichigokurosaki1991 that attended H. A. A. G. over the weekend?  I didn't see anyone putting a name tag on games and taking photos of them although I was only there Saturday (although nearly six hours is a fairly good sweep though).  I know one or two others on here (at least) have made it before.

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@DarrylB: I was there Friday and Saturday last weekend!! We had a awesome time!!
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Sorry I was only there just to say hi to you and that was about it.  My ride was coming in less than an hour, plus I was taking notes and photos for the article.  If I were there both days then I would've had more than enough time to stretch that stuff out.  At least I played just about all the coin-op video and pinball games that I wanted though.  Consoles I didn't really mess with.

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I see.

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I guess so, I have missed classic game fest in Austin the last three years 

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I know the feeling: due to horrendous lucky, I had missed the last five H. A. A. G.s in a row!  Finally broke that crappy streak last weekend.

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"Horrendous luck", it should read.

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Last year, I missed the one for 2016 'cause we were outta town to Vegas.
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Finally finished my article of it (meant to have it done months ago):

Not all Vectrex-related!

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Oh yeah, you can just scroll down to the pics if you don't feel like reading ;)

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