Topic: I'm Willing To Be The Back-Up Administrator For The Atari 2600

There is getting to be a rather lengthy backlog of games for the Atari 2600 awaiting processing. If there is a need for a back-up (or even primary) Administrator for the 2600 I am willing to serve in that capacity. I am already the primary Administrator for the Sega SG-1000, Sega Mk. III, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear. I check at least twice every 24 hours to see if anything needs processing, so I have no backlog of requests for these consoles. I wish that I could say the same thing about the Atari 2600 requests that I've made.

I know that I can't process my own requests (that's what back-up Administrators are for), but there are some homebrews that I requested as soon as I received them and I've been informed that others are starting to submit requests for these same games as well. I can't begin to describe the clutter of evidence photos in my smart phone. I can't import them into my PC for fear of losing track of which folder they're in, and I can't delete them from my phone until they've been imported into my PC, which is making it very difficulty to record videos with it (yes, I've started experimenting with recording videos with my phone) due to a lack of storage space.

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Same as with the C64. sad

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I am also willing, I would like to help in the administration of Atari 400/800, Atari 2600, Nes, SNES, Sega Genesis, GB, GBC, GBA, N64, PS1.
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If additional support is wanted I'd be happy to help with processing requests for Atari 2600 and/or Playstation 1 and 2 games. Maybe it makes sense to have back-up admins from different parts of the world anyway as most platforms have region specific game releases.

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@RetroRob: That's right, PS1 Administrators, Sega Genesis, Game boy seems to be unable to see the Request Panel, so ... there are players who have time and time to add, review the type of Games, Play the requested game [That would do if I were an Administrator].
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I think that there are quite a few systems that lack a back-up Administrator here. Sometimes I wonder just who the primary Administrator is for the 2600, because my requests seem to take forever to be processed. There's a huge backlog of PC requests as well. I know because I requested quite a few myself.

To me it makes total sense about the point that you make about High Score needing multiple Administrators to cover the different regions represented by the users here. 


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Omar, you'd really be a good addition for admin of these platforms! I'm just not sure whether any such developments are planned for the site at present. Maybe Serious or S.Baz could advise if they read this?

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Deebo, good to hear there are users who know the games for this platform well! The Saturn is a console I didn't even know existed before joining! I'm amazed about all the new stuff I see here!

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Mark, thanks for starting this topic! It brings up a couple of things that many users are regularly asking about. However in my view the central question is: Are there any general plans for the further development of I'm observing a lack of new impulses for the site for quite some time (such as the mentioned requests, web site enhancements, general site moderation, maybe even site promotion) and apparently also, maybe as a consequence of this, a reduced user activity (voting is slow, many seasoned users inactive, to few new users). Maybe there is a way to revive this wonderful site a bit! It's a great place for gamers that appears to require some TLC! I'm not suggesting all this without offering to volunteer with some of it if it's suitable and wanted.

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I for one promote this site on my Twitter feed, my Facebook account, and even on Steam. I don't know what the future plans are for this site, and know nothing of who's active here and who's not, except I do notice those who are here regularily. As you know I went AWOL at one point about a year or so ago due to illness (and a dead PC), but came back as soon as I was able.

I'm trying everything that is in my power to get traffic up here. I mention High Score in many of my comments to gaming Youtube videos, and I've been mentioning High Score in both the Atari Age forums and in entries that I make to my blog there, Cessnaace's Blog

My most recent Atari Age blog entry mentions High Score quite a bit:

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This sounds great, Mark! I also tell video game interested people I know or meet about this site. Most of the time personally. You're far more effective with your online presence I guess. I checked out your blog on and I like it! I'll check out whether I can follow it or subscribe to it or what it's called. See you later! :-)

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It's great that you like it. I think you can select to follow a blog but I'm not sure. I'm still new at this.

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I just checked and at the top right of the blog page there is a blue button that says something like 'Follow This Blog.'

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. I have offered to be an admin for Intellivision which could include the Amico of course. I asked S.Baz and am awaiting a response. I also have quite a few submissions pending.
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I hope that you get the job. :)

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If not me the someone else with a vested interest in Intellivision. Either way, it is needed especially with the Amico on the way.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence by the way Mark smiley

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@Bamse: The intwllivision is hard because the settings for most games require a level setting with the controller which is generally not known and is pratically impossible to do anything with pictures. I refusw to vote on this syetem due to this problem. Infact its why I have never posted a score to this console even though I have well over 50 games for it.
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Some games show the setting on screen such as Lock n Chase and Burgertime. Others I agree, the only way to know the setting chosen is to have a video showing the setting selected before playing. For this reason if im playing on any setting / level higher than the lowest / easiest setting, I include video evidence.

I hope you change your mind about adding scores for the Intellivision smiley

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I'd love the idea of you being the admin for the Intellivision. Also, I would like to be considered for a backup admin position. Not many people here are invested into the Intellivision more than Bamse and myself.

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@doguhnew: I could buy an Intellivison but the one I saw is Model II, would it be the category for the Intellivision?
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Yes indeed. They're all basically the same. The Intellivision II is the smaller white one. The three main differences between it and the original are both cosmetic. The II uses a large power adapter as opposed to having the power supply board inside the console. The II also has an LED light, and just one button which is used for both reseting and powering off/on. Lastly, the II has removeable controllers, whereas the original they're hardwired. As a sidenote, the "System III" went back to the original design with hardwired controllers, and an internal power supply. It should be noted that the "System III" was NOT made by Mattel, but by an company called INTV, which bought the rights from Mattel after the great crash of 1983. All of which are the same basic arch, and I've posted scores on HS using all three consoles.

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@omargeddon: The intellivision II won't play some of the Coleco published intellivision games as well
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@doguhnew: Then I'll go through Intellivision II. Thanks for the Information.
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@Bamse: The controls are similar to Colecovision. Colecovison has good gracicos. Even better than the Atari 2600 and Intellivison.
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Yeah, the graphics of the intellivision are between the 2600 and the Colecovision.

It has a 16 directional disc rather than the mini joystick type of control on the Coleco..It was the predecessor to the d-pad we all know today.

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@Bamse: I might but I have not done much with this site in a long time sadly. I been working on my Super mario kart hacks.
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