Topic: .inp to .avi after playing session

Here's a tutorial how to use MAME PLUS to record your .inp file(s) to .avi. Great if you don't want to record every game to .avi or if you computer stutters while playing.

I'm using the AVS video suit for compression etc. Virtual Dub is a great free alternative if you just want to compress the video before uploading to You Tube etc.


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the person in the video is using MAME version 0.134

it is a somewhat different menu in version 0.141 and 0.152 and Wolfmame 0.152

MAME 0.134 will not play any of the later added games

it is a good tutorial if you use earlier versions of MAME

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I use MAME 0.149 (about a year old?) and it works fine in that build. Sad that they removed that feature.

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It would be great to see more videos on the site. It's not that I don't believe some of the high scores - I'm just curious to learn how the masters tackle some games like they do on a single credit. I'm in awe of some of these amazing scores!

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All i upload to this site are video's.
Thanks to Sixx for offering instructions to video record, very nice of you, dude.
And Barry, if you want to see a master at work, here you go!!  lol!
Here i beat the bomb jack tournament record using 1 life. Enjoy!!


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Cheak out my kaboom videos. there amazing even to me. Want to learn how to play as good as me. Here is a tip that aperently only children seem to grasp. I'm going to tell you anyway as it might help you. Draw your focus out not in. Do not look at single bombs. View the entire screen as a single focus point so that the tv looks like a photo. Yes objects move in the photo and its hard not to focus on the things that move but if you can do it you will be able to see where to move to well in advance.

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you must be using "mameplus! 149", rather than mame 149??
all the new mameplus!'s do not have the "replay inp to avi record" function. why did they remove that? was very handy.

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Sure was, but after installing X-Split i'm more then happy. Works a treat on most emulators, AND creates small files.

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heres my first video made using mameplus! 152, using "playback inp to avi record".
it is poor quality. :(

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Have you tried X-Split? Works great for MAME.

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