Topic: It Seems That "Space Jockey" For The 2600 Has 64 Difficulty Options

I've been trying to beat my current High Score and thought that I'd look at the manual for this game. Turns out that there are 16 Game Variations, with 4 possible Difficulty Switch combos. b/b, b/A, A/b, and A/A. I've always assumed that Game 1 is the default here, as there are no other Game Variations in the system.

Game 1:

Does not allow you to direct your shots
Enemy ships do not move in a random fashion.
The player cannot move their ship horizontially
Collisions do not destroy your space ship (all this time I just thought that this game has lousy collision detection).

Manual Scan From Atari Mania:

Full disclosure: I own this game on cart, and I even have the manual (I'd just never paid much attention to it).

So, should I submit requests for the other 15 Game Variations? With the four possible Difficulty Switch combos that means submitting 62 requests. 


Posted by on 2019-02-19 04:16:18


Just request the game variations.  The Dif. Switch combos will be included when we add them.

Posted by on 2019-02-21 01:26:11


Ok, that sound good. Submitting 15 requests is easier on me that submitting 62.

Posted by on 2019-02-25 22:00:28


Me too!  laugh

Posted by on 2019-02-25 23:40:11