Topic: Jambo Safari (Arcade)

Anybody played this? The game is not added to the site. I have a score I would like to submit. Unfortunately, I don't have a video of the machine, but I do have photos for evidence. In my run, I unlocked the Phorusrachos (the giant, prehistoric bird) and caught it at the end. When you finish the game with continues, you only unlock a sabretooth tiger.

Below each name in the rankings, shows all the animals caught, and the icon with blue at the end is the Phorusrachos. :)


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I don't see any photos?

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Only low resulotion photos work for me in the comments 

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@ConversusVans96: I've played it before, man!! It was cool!!
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Great game. I don't personally play it, but a friend of mine does and he's pretty good at it too. I recommend it be added to the arcade section if there's an admin who can do it. The highest score to date is the one on Twin Galaxies. My friend is riding on his coattails.

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My best record on an arcade cabinet is actually 272,171. You have to catch fast animals, multiple of them if necessary, and save as much leftover time as you possibly can. If you continue, regardless of how well you did, you only get to catch a sabretooth at the end of the game. 

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That would be an instant WR score if you played it on the correct settings (factory default) and also had the whole game recorded via video. 

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This machine I played actually seemed to have default settings. I know when the time difficulty is set to normal, your initial time limit is 50 seconds. It also seems possible to hit 300,000 on Jambo (I have 293K on the Demul emulator). Hopefully I can make that accomplishment!

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Since this thread, the Jambo machine that was at Paradise Lanes is now gone, unfortunately. I had to settle at the score I topped at. However, on Demul, I've managed a whooping 319,202 with default time setting. I wish I could find that game around again... :(

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