Topic: Joysticks walkthrough. Downtown Orlando.

After recently submitting my Burgertime score, I thought I'd upload to my YouTube channel, a quick walkthrough of this really cool barcade I frequent from time to time. If you're ever in the area, definitely check it out! :)


PS: In the coming days, I will also upload a few more short videos I have of Joysticks, so look out for them! :)

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Sounds good/look forward to them!

How does the music work there?  Is that automatically piped in and/or is there a jukebox?

Nothing huge, I just founded the Arcade preservation wiki (, and with your video, a review from another guy, and their official site, I have a LOT of info on the place, so I'll put up a page of it soon on the wiki.

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The music is piped in I believe. Every so often, they'll have bands play and on Wed night, there's karaoke. The Wiki page sounds cool. I'll have to check it out when your done. 

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Here it is!

The first version anyway.  I'm going to contact them to see if they want to add anything, now or in the future as the game lineup/other stuff changes.

Thanks for the tidbit about the music.  Included a link to your channel due to your brief vids.

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