Topic: Make HIGHSCORE Great Again

In this thread, we will make High Score great again.

Here are some ideas and feedback that I'd like to see on this site. As a disclaimer, I don't believe this site is dead or dying or bad but I believe that this site can be improved a lot. I am also not a genius and these might easily have major flaws which is why I present them here so they could be improved even more.

1. Ability to change info in scores while waiting for votes

Why remove and resubmit the score when you could:

  • Change game name, score or game system.
  • Remove duplicate or obsolete evidence.

Risks and flaws: Score change could be abused, which is why you can only edit name, system or score when it is being pointed out. More about that in a minute.


2. More complex voting system

There seems to be two issues with the current voting system. First one is that there are people who votes NO without a solid reason. The second one is that voters might just spam YES instead and that might give bad scores a thumbs up by accident. While currently I do not have an idea to fix the latter issue, I do have a draft that could fix the abuse of NO vote. The system is quite simple.

  1. When someone presses NO, they have to provide a reason why they believe this score is not legit, just like now.
  2. This reason will be public in the score page. (NO voter remains anonymous)
  3. Score submitter can reply to this NO vote and try to fix the issue.
  4. After the reply, two new votes will pop out in the score page. First one is about if NO vote is still valid and second one is about if reason to vote NO was reasonable.
  5. If NO vote is no longer valid, it can be removed. If issue wasn't fixed, NO vote remains and lowers legit rating.
  6. If NO vote was reasonable, user that voted NO will get bonus points for pointing it out. Unreasonable votes will get absolutely nothing.

Because this sounds really tough on paper, let me provide few examples.


  • User A submits a score. User B notices that the game is in wrong category and presses NO for this reason.
  • User A changes the category and replies that this was his mistake and it has been fixed.
  • User B, C, D, E and F are all voting that the NO vote is no longer valid due User A has fixed the error.
  • User C, D, E and F also votes that User B (who is still anonymous) had a reasonable reason to press NO and therefore he will get extra points.


  • User A submits a score. User B presses NO and uses reason Other without any text filled.
  • User A claims that User B didn’t provide a solid reason.
  • While User B votes that the NO vote is still valid, C, D, E and F disagrees and NO vote will be removed.
  • User C, D, E and F votes that User B’s vote was unreasonable and he will not be awarded any points.


  • User A submits a score. User B presses NO and demands a video due the score being really high.
  • User A is unable to provide a video but still attempts to submit the score.
  • User B, C, D and E votes that NO vote is still valid while F disagrees. NO vote will stay.
  • User C, D, E and F also votes that User B had a reasonable reason to press NO and therefore he will get extra points.

Risks and flaws: Scores will be waiting a little bit longer depending how it will be abused. What about issues that are not easy to fix (reputation, simply not trusting the submitter)?


3. Award users for huge voting contribution

While you get a lot of awards and trophies for spamming scores all over the place, voters do not get a lot of things. There should be a trophy (with bonus points just like normal trophies) for voting milestones, like 100, 500, 1000, 1500, etc.

Risks and flaws: People will smash that YES button without a second thought. Something needs to implemented before going for this addition.


4. Combine emulated and non-emulated scores

I know what you are thinking but hear me out. Currently the game list looks like a mess with each game having emulated section as well. It would be better to combine these two into one page and from there, seperate emulated scores with actual hardware. In combined section, emulated scores could have an icon indicating that they are emulated. It's hard to explain so here's a screenshot instead.

When user is submitting a score, user will be asked if the score is emulated or not.

Risks and flaws: I see none.


5. Forum & comment fixes

Currently this forum is missing basic functions such as:

  • Icons showing if there are new posts in subforum or thread.
  • In addition to date the latest post was made, it should also tell who sent the post.
  • Editing and deleting posts.

Users should also be able to mention users manually instead of clicking reply. This is why if the poster want to mention multiple users in one post.

Risks and flaws: I see none.


6. Fix performance issues

Apparently if you try to load a profile page with a lot of comments, the whole site just freezes up. In another words, this can be used as DDoS.

Risks and flaws: It would be more risky to not have it fixed.


Let me know what do you think about these ideas, how they could be improved and bring your own ideas in this thread. Obviously, we need Serious here as well.


Ending this OP with GIF of me making this post.

Posted by on 2017-01-21 03:32:55

1.  I disagree with letting players change the information on their scores/games while waiting for votes.  As you obviously pointed out, this could be abused.  The onus is on the player to get the information correct the first time; otherwise, remove it and re-submit with the correct information.

2.  Voting... I think the voting issues could be fixed if Serious were to appoint a small group of moderators with the power to observe the voting records.  If a moderator were to spot a constant stream of NO votes, then it is obvious that person is a troll and should be removed by the moderators if possible; the moderators could report them to Serious and Serious could find ways to keep them banned.

I'm not sure how plausible this idea is, however, because for this to be possible, they might need admin powers and Serious would never want to risk compromising his site by blindly trusting others.  For the most part, I think voting has been okay (except for the lack of it at times).

3.  I agree with awarding trophies and more points for voting and hitting voting milestones.  A little incentive to vote might increase the voting activity on this site.

4.  Combine emulated and non-emulated games under one listing?  In the words of Betty Boop:  no, no, a thousand times, no!  I'm sorry, but I entirely disagree with this suggestion.  While emulators for the most part do a good job, they don't always run games exactly as the original hardware did.  Take THE HEIST on Colecovision, for example; it runs much slower on the Colecovision Flashback than it did on the original Colecovision.

5.  I agree with everything you said about the forum & comment fixes, except for having the ability to edit and delete posts.  Some people would abuse that ability just to be jerks; I've seen people act like that on forums and make it look like somebody's replying to nobody and having idle conversation with themselves.

6.  I agree with you about fixing performance issues.  Even if a profile doesn't have many comments, it seems that profiles which have plenty of trophies/scores/evidence also fail to load.  I think fixing this should be a high priority.

My own opinion to add:  I feel there is a need for more moderators for different categories on this site.  I had offered to be of service as a moderator for adding and editing games in the Colecovision categories; unfortunately, those categories are still without appointed moderators.

I think it needs to be a priority because I'm a stickler for formatting.  The formatting on this site's categories is downright sloppy.  There are also unnecessary additions in categories.  For instance, Popeye in the Colecovision categories has skill levels 1-6 included.  Skill levels 4, 5 and 6 should never have been included, because they are skill levels 1-3 for TWO PLAYERS.  Skiill levels 1-3 are the one-player skill levels in that game!  This is only the tip of the iceberg, as I had found a handful of errors and sloppy formatting just in the Colecovision categories alone; imagine how much more there may be lurking in all these other massive categories!

I feel that we not only need more moderators, but that moderators should have more power.  I feel moderators should have the ability to edit and delete the listings in the categories.  Editing for the sake of correcting information, and deleting for the sake of removing unnecessary/error listings.

Posted by on 2017-01-21 04:58:56

I also believe that cheaters who refuse to remove their scores in which they cheated should have their scores and trophies removed by moderators or Serious himself.

Posted by on 2017-01-21 04:59:56


The combination of emulated and hardware scores looks to be just a chart for checking them and not actually combining them for trophies, this has been suggested in the past and I think serious could do it. There's many times I check the score in the hardware chart then get curious about the emulated scores so I have to navigate to it, it'd easier to just be able to look at a combined chart and filter them from that.

I'd like to see an INP upload option for MAME. A couple years ago serious was considering it but then a handful of people at Atari age thought it would be to easy to steal and upload INP's so he didn't do it. There's currently nothing stopping anyone who uses mame from downloading an INP elsewhere and uploading the playback the YouTube and linking it to the site so why not have the INP option like many the other sites that track MAME scores.

Posted by on 2017-01-21 06:32:50

@Mara: Should we make voting accountable or still anonymous?
Posted by on 2017-01-21 11:03:34


If you mean the voting method I was showing in OP, it is still fully anonymous.

Posted by on 2017-01-21 11:30:11

Replying to other posts once my headache is over. crying

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Great efforts go far. Much I disagree with but I can not complain when your trying to improve a situation.

#1 Fully disagree

#2 Like much of it disagree with some of it and fully disagree with showing who voted what.

#3 This has already encouraged bad voting by earning points. I do think this might work but it would really have to be well worked out.

#4 You confused people in the way you explained this but I understood and compleatly agree with it. To clerify to others it is not combining scores from emulated and real hardware. It is the abulity to tab threw them with out having to manually read and sort threw them. I think this would be extremely helpfull when looking to post a score as well because that can get real messy trying to find the proper listed game.

#5 Agreed except for deleting posts. Editing is a bit sketchy as well unless the post keeps original message to show what was edited.

#6 We have all run into this and it has been a on going problem that has been requested many times.

Posted by on 2017-01-21 20:26:25

I admit that I didn't explain the combination of scores too well. The point I was trying to give is that we don't need two seperate links and pages for each game. Scores can be put into one page instead where hardware and emulated still have their own scoreboards.

I'm guessing I didn't explain the voting system too well either but as nobody seems to be warming up at it anyway, I'll just drop it. Moderators handling the NO votes as DVG said, would be more simpler way to handle the situation.

Deleting posts might be over the line but I still believe editing posts would be good for everyone and have more upsides than downsides. Of course, the post has to indicate that the post has been edited on [date here]. For example, I really want to edit OP right now just to fix the confusion I did about the combination of scores. Also some grammar fixes because this Finn can't into Londonese.

The reason why I'm asking for bigger rewards for voting is because:

  1. It would fasten up voting activity
  2. It would balance a little bit vs. posting 2000 scores with basic image evidence

But as I also said, it will be abused unless we have a solution to fix the issue. Sadly I don't have anything on mind myself. It's not an easy thing to fix.

I do agree with DVG that players need to input the info correctly on the first time. I wasn't thinking that point of view when I was making OP.

More category moderation & INP uploads both sound good to me personally. About INP files, I'd imagine MD5 hash could be checked if submitter is suspected of copypasting the file.

Thank you for responding to this thread. It's good to see many point of views on different issues.



Posted by on 2017-01-22 02:18:19

Now that you and others clarified what you meant about combining emulation and hardware... I agree.  I like the ability to have hardware and emulation scores for the same game on one page and sort through them (emulation, hardware, or both).  It's much better than having to view one, then search for the other or navigate a different part of the site for the other.

Sadly, I think something like that might be difficult for Serious to do, because I don't think the hardware and emulation of the same games have the same request ID number or game ID number in the URL (I could be mistaken).  Right or wrong, I'm no programmer, so this might not be as complicated as I think it could be.  It would be a very nice feature to have!

Posted by on 2017-01-22 06:00:42


hey good post!  #4 is a great idea, that would be a big improvement.   :D

other thoughts:

#1)  Disagree!  just re-submit and it starts the voting afresh.

#2)  Fully disagree.  Giving users a vote and then telling them how they must vote would be abusive and disfunctional.  It would negate the whole purpose of having the community decide by voting.

Imagine if you went to vote on some local issue, and there was some board of administrators scrutinizing you for your reasons, and having the power to reverse your vote!  Wouldn't that be a joke?

Imagine if you were on a jury and there was some group of assholes delegated to make sure you gave your opinion according to their predetermined criteria!  That would just be absolutely and obviously tyrannical and nonsensical.

It couldn't work, it would turn the entire site into one big troll, and Serious has also promised that will never happen at  Only one person can decide if a vote is reasonable, and that is the one user who cast that vote.

#3)  I like it but as you said it needs some more thought first.

#4)  Bravo!  one of the best ideas yet  :D  yes   --> also, as pierpy pointed out, we should really eliminate all the redundant charts for specific emulators, and just have two main categories: Original and Emulated.

#5)  I like these ideas, except as banshee said editing and deleting posts needs to come with the feature to allow users to see what got deleted/edited.

#6)  Right.

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Posted by on 2017-02-23 23:26:17

For now, I'd be happy with a site that loads faster and doesn't display the "Service Unavailable" page every 1 in 3 page loads... There's times when the site is almost unreachable. Also a "Forgot Password" form would be ideal. This may be the only website I've seen since the 90's that doesn't have a proper password recovery system. Oh, and user email validation as well. That would help keep the trolls out as right now I'm pretty sure you can just sign up with any email, and begin voting. 

Posted by on 2017-03-09 01:37:37

@ILLSeaBass: That would be a great enhancement, Matt!! Having a email validation for a registered newcomer to prevent spamming! I would like that!!
Posted by on 2017-03-11 14:52:26

Sorry for bumping this old thread, but this site need a Voting Policy because they just wanna vote NO recklessly on everything just to be scaredy cats.
Posted by on 2018-01-29 12:49:05

I'm glad it got bumped, because that #4 option.

Posted by on 2018-01-29 18:41:58

Hardware & emulated scores could be on the same page, but not on the same leaderboard: removing the "both" option.

Posted by on 2018-01-31 01:17:57

and also we need a way to find the IP address of the dickfaced troll thats been giving video scores "no " votes,  so that we can all go kick his/her ASS.

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Posted by on 2018-02-09 17:37:38

#4 still in limbo yet it would be a major site improvment
Posted by on 2018-05-13 19:35:09