Topic: New TRON multi-platform contest! Win a Tron M-Network NOS joystick.

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be fun to do a little multi-platform competition on Tron games. 

I recently bought some New Old Stock M-Network Tron Joysticks (Atari and Commodore compatible), and I'm giving one of these away as a prize.

Here is the list of games (and specific variations) within the scope of this contest:

Future Pinball is a pinball simulator. The "Tron 1.3" table is a recreation of Stern's Tron Pinball machine. The other two tables are very good fantasy tables. You can download Future Pinball for free here. Links for the Tron pinball tables are in the list above.

The Intellivision version of Adventures of Tron is a homebrew version of the game that was originally made for Atari 2600. The ROM is freely available here.

Raster Runner and Zona 0 are non-licensed light cycle games.

The Xbox 360 verison of Tron is a version of the arcade game available from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Tank Universal is an excellent Tron-themed tank combat game for the PC. It can be downloaded from Steam. The specific mode for this contest is Skirmish: Hunter Killer.

Space Paranoids is a web-based game that requires the Unity3D plug-in. It is a recreation of the fictional arcade game in the orginal Tron movie. This version was produced for Disney as part of the promotion of the Tron Legacy movie. It was originally hosted on an official Disney owned site, called Space Paranoids Online, but that site is no longer running. However, the game is still available on the Unity web site.

See the contest page for more details and to track the rankings.


Good luck!


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And just to be clear: The winner of this contest is the person who acquires and retains the most worldwide trophies on the games listed above. 

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give us a break, man!!
I doubt if I will compete in yhis one.
Honestly, my arms are damn tired! laugh

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Sorry to tell ya this, but there are plenty more contests on the way!

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where's my splint....

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serious  did  you receive my questions about raster runner?

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I did not. What was your question?

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On the c64 by default the  game is set to 2 player so default settings are not going to work.
You also have to choose easy or hard for your computer opponent.I havent looked into the other ports but im guesing they are similar.
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Thanks. I confirmed this for the other versions as well. I have added [1P/Easy] to the game name.


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Ok cool
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@Serious: And your welcome
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@Serious: And your welcome
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@Serious: And your welcome
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I currently have 5 trophies in the contest, but the leaderboard only shows 4.  I think I figured out why.

The latest one I got was for Tron:  Deadly Discs [Skill: 1] (intellivision Emulated) 

However, the name of the trophy is Tron: Deadly Discs [Skill: Disc] (Intellivision Emulated)

Since the name of the trophy and game dont match, I don't think the contest page is recognizing my trophy as one that's part of the contest.  Could you please look into that and make the necessary corrections?

Thanks!  :)

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It sounds to me like that entry is for a variation that is not a part of the contest.

Skill 1 is the only variation of that game in the contest..


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Ohhhh, I see what you are saying now.  I put it in under the wrong category.  Ugh.  Ok.  I will play again and submit a new score and this time, I will watch closer.  Thank you for getting me straight.  :)

 Preen having a lot of fun on here.  Keep up the great work.  :)

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I'm glad you're enjoying it! And thanks for the encouragement. 


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Congratulations to Deteacher for winning the TRON Games Contest!!

I will be in touch to arrange delivery of the prize shortly. smiley

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