Topic: NO Votes? Do we have another Troll?

I just noticed I have a # of NO votes to a few of my scores. Did we just get hit by a troll, or does someone have a legit reason to vote 'NO'? How do I see someones objection to a high score I posted? 

Thanks, ISB

Posted by on 2016-11-20 18:24:35

I just got hit AGAIN this morning!!! I guess this loser has nothing better to do with his time...
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To fairly notice you, there's a lot of illegetimate NO votes in progress!!  You'll just have to bear with it sometimes!

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Good to know. I'm not worried, just wanted to understand what happened there. Sad that someone would invest time to create an account, and NO vote a bunch of scores. Pathetic actually.. 

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There's always been regular no voting in mame scores. It's typically just one but occasionally two, that's been going on since I joined in 2014

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Trolls, you can't live with 'em, you can't live without 'em!

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@LarcenTyler: There is some real spamming in progress!
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in the hopefully rare event of a perfectly legitimate run falling below the 80% threshold, I suppose we just resubmit under the exact same conditions.  For many of us, there is nothing more we can do to "add credibility" to the evidence.

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I think we have a real problem and that the troll's actions are not directed against a particular player but against the site and the community highscore. com.
We all had at least 1 no vote with "I don't trust...", and for my part I have 2 no votes on all my scores (with or without INP, Videos, etc...). The troll does not vote on scores but on people (systematic negative vote).
I think this person knows the site and his community well (probably a long time player).
I think the troll uses multiple accounts.
I don't think there are several trolls (there are some very picky voters who don't hesitate to vote no, but I don't think they are trolls).
I think we all have an idea (or several) about the identity of the troll, however it is difficult to say publicly because error and always possible.
I think it would be useful to cross-check our ideas about troll identity.
I think the worst thing would be if general suspicion were to set in on the community (this is probably the purpose of the troll).
The longevity of the troll proves that we are probably dealing with a mentally disturbed person.
I think the troll reads our messages.
I invite you to contact me privately (facebook or twitter @larquey) if you have any ideas that would allow us to identify the troll or implement an action plan.
I think it would also be important to try to contact Serious.
I think this is the longest message I've posted on this forum (thanks

Translated with

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I have had 3 No votes lately, here the Troll only wants to damage our Legit .. but good players know that our Legit must be at 100%. Those 2 Trolls are those who are envious of the site because they can no longer publish their Scores.
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For the Troll ... If you are very angry with the players because your posts do not pass. do not be vengeful. We are not to blame for your past Actions. go to another site to post the scores. be happy in another place. cheat elsewhere. here no longer
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@Larquey: I just read this post...and wow.. the Troll is angry...
Posted by on 2018-01-08 20:19:56

Totally agree with you Larq, i already written Serious about the issue.


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Totally agree with you Larq, i already written Serious about the issue.


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Thank you for your contribution to Maxwel

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Anytime !

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