Topic: One last vote... what happened?

I have two games that have been submitted, it says both are waiting on one single vote.  Is this a joke? Where is everyone?

Posted by on 2015-06-23 13:44:46

lol! did they pass yet?  happens to me all the time

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That what I've been thinking about.  Where the hell are the voters here??  We need more of them so they can vote YES again!!

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Posted by on 2016-09-24 14:17:23

@LarcenTyler: You know, I'm always patient.
Posted by on 2016-09-29 04:24:01


I'm quite the contrary.

Posted by on 2016-09-29 17:27:34

Maybe I can help, I will try to get more people from my 25+ Retro Gamers groups on Facebook to join

I'm also new here, and already annoyed by the time it takes to get our scores validated.

Posted by on 2016-10-06 02:15:36

I was able to do a bit of voting the other night.  Nothing passed as of yet, but at least several games are a vote closer to doing so :)

Posted by on 2016-10-06 12:29:34


You know what I think, That would be a radical idea!!  We can get even more users to register on to, but not unwelcomed strangers from outta nowhere!!

Posted by on 2016-10-15 04:07:19