Topic: Opinions on idea for Ghostbusters entries for the ZX Spectrum

I never got that far to add this game on good old HARP, but always wanted to make it possible to continue using your account and build on it, so I thought to try and make that a possibility here on

The entries will point to a post in the forum that tells about the rules, and how this works. This text is coming in the next post, and I would like to hear opinions on if this is a good idea, and if so, are the text I've done to explain the rules good enough, or is there something that should be added?

Is it just me being GEEKY NEERDY, or does others think this would be much more fun playing it like that?

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RULES for how to play Ghostbusters for the ZX Spectrum here at

There are two entries in the database, which are:

Ghostbusters [Account] READ:
Ghostbusters [No Account] READ:

I think it would be more fun if players could decide if they wanted to continue playing on the account they have build up, or play a game from scratch each time. Both is possible here at :-)


The very first game you upload should be uploaded to:

Ghostbusters [No Account] READ:

This is a game from the very start with no use of an old account.

It must include:

1. A picture of the first page, where you input your name, and says No to the question if you have an account. Name MUST be either your username or initials here on, or both.
2. A picture of the final screen telling you what amount you ended up earning, and gives you your new account number.

IMPORTANT: If you upload a video, both these pages must be included in the video.


Now you have either the choice to play a new game from the start, or continue building your account.

If a score is voted legit, the account name and number are added in this tread, so that players can see what account number they are allowed to continue with. 

IMPORTANT: Only account numbers submitted here on are legal to be used, and if you improve an account, the previous one will be deleted, and is not allowed to be used anymore.


If you decide to continue using your account, you should upload to:

Ghostbusters [Account] READ:

The upload should include:

1. A picture of the first screen, where you give your name and account number (The account must have been voted legit, and added to these pages by Frankie before you can upload it)
2. A picture of the final screen telling your new amount and account number.

IMPORTANT: If you upload a video, both these pages must be included in the video.

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We are talking the 8 bit release of Activision's first Ghostbusters game. Don't know how many machines it was released for, but I'm sure it was released for the C64 and Amstrad aswell.

Just to clarify what we are talking about here, think I forgot to mention it LOL

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is this the same Ghostbusters game as the one made for 2600 and NES?

I don't understand the part about having an account.

I'm guessing it's a different game because the one I'm familiar with has a score like most classic era games.

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Don't think the games are the same. In this you must save the town earning cash by catching ghosts, then when you finish the game you get an account password so that you can start a new game with more money, and then start out with better equipment and a better car smiley

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Oh I see.  Looks like it's the same game afterall.  Maybe the 2600 & NES versions don't have that password feature though.

Interesting idea.  What kind of score would that be, speedrun or just most cash?

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Most cash, and then users can build up their account instead of starting from scratch each time if they like.

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sounds like a fun idea 

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