Topic: PC gaming pad/joystick for emulators


my last joystick was a Competition Pro for Amiga ;-)

Now I'm having new PC (64-Bit, Windows 10) and I'm playing retrogames on - I'm using CCS and WinUAE for emulate C64 or Amiga games. As far as I understand you emulate real joysticks from the 8-bit/16-bit time over a SERIAL connection. Modern PCs doesn't have that anymore.

So I'm thinking to buy me a current gaming pad/joystick for PC that I can play some of the old games without keyboard control.

Does someone know if that devices will work with the emulators? And if they work does someone have a recommandation which joystick (I'm not good in using gaming pads) is working fine. The most of the joysticks which I see aren't simple anymore and seem to be overloaded with buttons and functions.

Thanks for any response :)

Anyway: Happy (new) highscore 2017 year!


Posted by on 2017-01-05 20:47:31