Topic: Pegasus/Dendy NES clone hardware


I own a Pegasus famiclone, and since I have a PAL60 TV without NTSC support, I can play my Famicom only in B/W mode, so I'm considering doing some gameplays with the Pegasus - it seems to be the best solution for me since it has a 60 pin Famicom cartridge slot, and I have a flash cart with this type of connector, so I can't use it with the NES.

There is some information about the console - it is technically an NTSC console forced into PAL mode, but after making some in-depth comparison with the PAL NES, I did not notice any differences in timing or anything else regarding gameplay. The only noticeable difference is sound, and color palette that is a little off. I've got some speedruns on this console accepted as NES on

But that's still a clone hardware - should I submit scores achieved on this console to "Emulated" category?

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Nevermind - just found my answer in another forum category. Sorry for duplicating :) Thread can be removed.

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