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I own a Pegasus famiclone, and since I have a PAL60 TV without NTSC support, I can play my Famicom only in B/W mode, so I'm considering doing some gameplays with the Pegasus - it seems to be the best solution for me since it has a 60 pin Famicom cartridge slot, and I have a flash cart with this type of connector, so I can't use it with the NES.

There is some information about the console - it is technically an NTSC console forced into PAL mode, but after making some in-depth comparison with the PAL NES, I did not notice any differences in timing or anything else regarding gameplay. The only noticeable difference is sound, and color palette that is a little off. I've got some speedruns on this console accepted as NES on

But that's still a clone hardware - should I submit scores achieved on this console to "Emulated" category?

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Nevermind - just found my answer in another forum category. Sorry for duplicating :) Thread can be removed.

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I have the reverse situation. An actual Famicom, but while most of my cartridges are Famicom I have purchased a few Dendy cartridges (yet to arrive). So would they be considered emulation, since they will be played on an actual Famicom? On top of which, the Dendy (and Pegasus) consoles use actual Famicom hardware internally (that's how I understand it at least). 

And what of the games only released for the Dendy and/or Pegasus? As many are graphical hacks of other games. 

I also own many Russian Mega Drive games, such as:

Angry Birds in Russia, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Iraq War 2003, and Rock 'n Roll Racing Upgrade. 

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In my opinion, they're definitely not emulation as long as they are played on original Nintendo hardware. Clone hardware always has some differences, as you can see on the NESDev site I've linked above, so it is not technically 100-percent Nintendo compatible (there are some games that can't run properly on Dendy, this also applies for all other famiclones). It is a pretty controversial topic whether Famiclones are emulation or not, so I think it would be wise to create a new category for them.

As for hacked ROMs, they're generally not accepted, except for pirate originals (such as Super Mario World NES port), but it depends on what do you mean by "hacked". I personally wouldn't consider a game "hacked" if it only has some minor graphical changes, like having the original developer's logo removed - just make sure that the game does not have any cheat/trainer hacks like more lives or starting with powerups, because this often happens on Dendy cartridges. 

This is also a controversial topic, someone may have a different view on hacked ROMs than me, so using a ROM with even a small graphical change may result in random "No" votes.

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I'll have to wait and see how these Dendy cartridges are or are not altered from their Famicom /NES counterparts. These games are taking longer to arrive then many eBay purchases that I've made, as they're coming from the Russian Federation. I had the same situation when I purchased the Russian Mega Drive games. They took awhile but finally arrived.

I wouldn't mind a seperate category, say Dendy/Pegasus.

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