Topic: Playing 2600 on a 7800 considered emulation?

If you are playing 2600 on a 7800 console is this considered emulation or just standard 2600?
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Looks like the Emulation category is rarely visited in the message board section; it was just luck that I happened to visit it at this time.  To answer your question:  playing Atari 2600 carts on an Atari 7800 console is NOT emulation.  You can submit those scores in the Atari 2600 hardware category.

You can also submit Atari 2600 scores in the hardware category if you're playing on the Gemini and the Colecovision (expansion module that enables you to play 2600 carts on it).

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@DuggerVideoGames: Cool thanjs dugger!
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@DuggerVideoGames: I have a doubt, I have a "china" console of the Nintendo version, my question is: is it considered in the emulator category? Although it has the original cartridges of Famicom and Nes
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Already a few days ago I saw a player playing games of Play Sation 1, in the console PS2, and had many negative votes .... my question is: how in Atari 7800 is it worth playing cartridges of Atari 2600? .... and Is not valid Play PS1 games on the PS2 console ????
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it depends on which model of PS2 console.  I think the "slim" model uses emulation to play PS1 games.

the "china" NES clone system might use emulation, like the Retron does.

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@Pjsteele: The Atari 7800 ProSystem console doesn't require an adapter to insert a 2600 cartridge. It's a "2 in 1" console.
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@Pjsteele: The Atari 5200 VCS Adapter is also an Atari 2600 console.
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My opinion it is 100% standard. 

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emulation by definition suggest that the initial questions answer 2600 game on 7800 is emulation.  Unless, the 7800's hardware has componets or code which direct the 7800 to be operate as though it is a 2600. Our main concern, in terms of fair play would be or is Fair Play. The slightest system parameter change affects gameplay (ex: 50hz vs 60hz games) or the case of the Documentary "Man vs Snake"... if you guys have seen it. It's not a bad watch - Later Players!




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