Topic: Please lower the required votes from 25 to 15.

That's all I have to say. There's just not that many active voters here, 15 should suffice, and I don't want to wait weeks for some scores. Then again, it's been months since the admin of this site has been online... wishful thinking, right?

Posted by on 2016-11-12 01:38:32


Lowering it that much is too huge a change for this site. 

I don't want to wait weeks for some scores.

Unfortunately you're probably going to have to.

Posted by on 2016-11-12 10:15:30

@exosilver: Sometimes, you just need to be patient more often, man.
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Instead of 15, it will be great to do 20 instead, so it'll be better!

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20 would be quite good.

Posted by on 2016-11-19 12:03:39

@exosilver: It's RetroGamersHub's idea!
Posted by on 2016-11-19 13:33:25

I think waiting is a good thing. I dislike those who expect instant gratificatio. This sites plan was to eventually bring it to 100 votes. I am in hopes it grows to reach that number after receaving enough members.
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I'm hoping too, man.

Posted by on 2016-11-30 14:50:35

Yes. The problem with less votes required, means that each vote weighs more. If you only get one NO vote now, your score passes with 96%. If they changed the number to 15 votes, one NO vote would make your score pass with 93.3%. Not a big difference? Well, Lets look at it this way, Your score must be at or above 80% once the votes required is met.
Currently, With 6 NO Votes, your score would not pass at the quota (25 votes).
With 15 votes required, only 4 NO Votes makes your score not pass at the quota.
Since the "Reflex NO Voters" are the Minority, Having a Higher quota for a score to pass gives less power to those specific NO voters.

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Nice calculation and equation!!

Posted by on 2016-12-15 01:15:59


exactly! good points.

scores have been going through a little faster again lately as well.

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Hey, DEM, What about if they changed it to 20 votes, how many NO votes will it take?

Posted by on 2016-12-19 19:57:34


With 20 Votes Required, Each NO Vote after all 20 votes are in are 5% each, so it would take 5 No Votes (75%) to make it not pass at 20 votes. Remember that 80% still passes.

Posted by on 2016-12-21 17:54:32

@DarkEonMaster: I know that. 80% and over passes.
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Man, I've been waiting for a score to be verified for 3 weeks.  I'm new to the site, and I do enjoy it.  Maybe it would help that once you hit that magic number of 20 of 25 "Yes" votes that the score be approved at that point.  A few of my scores are sitting waiting for 2 "Yes" votes, and there is no way that if the 2 remaining votes were registered as "No" votes that I would fall below the threshold.  But, I can wait.  Great concept for this site, and I'm glad I came across it.  

I do try verifying scores daily, at least for the systems I am familiar with.  

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yeah sometimes it depends on the system, if fewer people are voting in that category. A lot of times it will take a while for those last 1 or 2 votes to go through, but don't worry they will get through.  :)

Posted by on 2016-12-22 12:58:59

I am new here also.  I am glad that my first score was accepted in 1 week.  I have many still waiting.  My oldest is now 13 days.  It is 100% and I still need 7 votes.  It is hard, because everyone only wants legit scores on here.  I find this very fun to see what others are doing on some of the games that I have not played for years.  My guess is that I am playing in categories that do not get a lot of votes.  Right now I am only doing old arcade games, pinball, and atari 2600.  After I figure out how to start doing video I will do other older things.  I am not looking to have the highest score by cheating, but looking to make friends and have friendly competition.  Thank you!  Sean Stewart

Posted by on 2016-12-23 14:48:43

@SeanStewart: Welcome to the site! I'm new here aldo. I have 5 scores submitted and i don't have any verified yet! I'm on the fence about submitting more. I'm going to wait i think. Great scores by the way. I voted for a bunch of your 2600 games.
Posted by on 2016-12-23 18:15:04

This was especially problematic during the contest, as I submitted 60 scores during the course of the contest and only 7 had gotten enough votes to count towards the contest. 

My least favorite ategory are those phone games (Candy Crush, Merged, an worst of all Futurama Game of Drones, HATED that show), and I am obviously biased towards Atari games and they get prioity voting from me. Nevertheless, I am caught up on voting. 

Posted by on 2016-12-27 06:58:45

If you need 80% for a score to pass then once u have enough yes votes to be above that threshold then it should pass. I see no reason y it has to have 25 total votes. Can Even make it once u get 19 yes votes it's good even if it doesn't have 25 total. . 

Posted by on 2017-02-11 13:30:49


I have a frogger score that has 23 yes votes but still isn't official since I don't have 25 total votes. Been waiting weeks for the last cpl votes even though at this point it doesn't matter what they are. 

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I totally agree with you! Phone games are literally flooding the site and the worst thing is the one-level score trend. What's the point of it? Damn phone games! If it was for me I woud remove the entire category, 'cause in those games you can pay money to buy upgrades and no one ever uploads videos for them.. how do I know that those scores are legit? I often click the "vote for anything" button to give a chance to everyone to get my votes, but I always regret it because of phone games!

Posted by on 2017-02-15 12:22:27

However I don't think that lowering the required votes would be a real solution for the problem. The problem is that there are simply too much things to vote for, thanks to one-level scores and phone games, that dissipate the votes of the users. It takes always more than month for me to get all the votes for one of my scores.

Posted by on 2017-02-15 12:46:30