Topic: Point Pressing etiquette?

Just wondering if the site has a different view on point pressing than elsewhere. Reason being, I have received downvotes and complaints on Castlevania scores based on pressing. I wasn't sure if it was due to the users' unfamiliarity with strats like that, or if it's more something I missed?

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My opinion is that point pressing is warranted so long as you are still attempting to play the game in a linear fashion [read: you are still trying to PLAY the game, not EXPLOIT the game].

Get some points and move on.

When you pull a HAL and sit in the 2nd Base of Contra for 36 minutes picking off enemies while racking up bonus lives and a ton of points, it seems blatantly obvious that you are only in it for the score.

Play the game well, and the score will follow...

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Contra is a good example of where point pressing becomes leeching. With no timer, there's nothing to stop you from doing just what you said.

In a case like Castlevania, you have a timer to end your life if you go overboard. There are spots in which you can gain extra lives which offset those lost; which is where a three to five life limit comes into play. That's Twin Galaxies ruleset territory of course, but it works beautifully. Preserves the pressing metagame while keeping things in check, and itsn't hard to police.

It's really a per-game situation in my opinion, but it's up to the gatekeepers of an organization. I'm just here to play. :)

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The Bases in Contra are on a timer actually.

Having said that, one is able to continually acrue bonus lives and points at a quicker rate than losing them.

Is that fair play? I personally don't think so.

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Or best yet, it should be placed under "Any Tactics".

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As far as I know, there's no timer in the NES version.

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@LarcenTyler: Only in the arcade version.
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Just clarifying.

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Sega's The Ninja calls your name...

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@JES: The Sega's Ninja's name is Shinobi.
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Point-pressing OK by me yes

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bring that CHEAP HEAT....

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