Topic: Recording on a real Amiga 500

Quick tip. Simply use a usb capturee device for your pc. Split the rca for video and both left right audio rca connections. One split goes into tv other split goes into usb capture device. Hit record on your usb capture device installed software while playing. This way you can play normally on your tv while recording on your pc via usb capture device.
Posted by on 2015-08-12 19:42:17

My problem with all this video stuff is that I'm a very "spur of the moment" gamer, playing on my laptop on occasion, but have no doubt I will try some on my Amiga 600 soon.

Tbh, if I'm going to be asked to post a video for every game, (even more do with real hardware) I'm going to end up not bothering submitting at all, and I think it will put a lot of people off.
I've done one for Cybernoid to show that I'm legit, and every other one I am using both screenshot and phot of screen. (With emulator still running and windowed to show its not a doctored photo) ... However , getting pretty far on New Zealand Story takes long enough without me having to find a way to record it , and then add it to YouTube... 
Posted by on 2015-08-24 17:25:07

Each to their own I guess. I kind of like have video proof not only for the website but on my YouTube channel as well.
Posted by on 2015-08-24 18:45:28