Topic: Regarding a recent outage on the afternoon of 9/27

Hi everyone,

The site just recovered from a temporary outage, and I want to share some details on what happened.


It appears that there was an issue with a change they made in server configuration on Monday that caused one of the servers to gradually run out of memory.

The site's monitoring alerted me (and the hosting company's support team) to the situation immediately.

Unfortunately, they were a little slower than usual to respond to this situation, so the outage went on longer than I would have liked. I was at work, so it took me a little while before I was able to get on the phone with them to get them started on working on resolving the problem.

Once I had them on the phone, they resolved the issue within 15 minutes.

I'll be working with the support team to try to better understand the factors that led to the outage, and also what can be done to improve their response time on a similar issue in the future.

Hopefully, we won't see a reoccurrence of an issue like this again anytime soon, but if we do, I have alternative hosting arrangements I can explore. 



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Serious, I have not yet heard back from you about the problem with importing a link from  I brought up this issue over a year ago, I believe.

Since I first messaged you about it,  I have tried to use a Twitch link as evidence for a score of mine to no avail on multiple occasions.  Each time, it gave me the same error message.

Would you please update me on the status of this issue?

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Here is a link to the discussion of which I'm referring:

It's been a year and 3 months so I've certainly been patient.

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I haven't been working on the site for a while, now, so there's alot I need to catch up on.

As far as when I will have a chance to look into this issue, I am not sure.

Did you submit this through the Report a Bug page (link at the bottom of every page). If so, it is in my queue, and it will get looked at.

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Thank you for responding.

Are you now free to work on the site?  I had assumed, along with others on here, that you were busy with personal affairs for quite a while.

You told me that you would "put it high on my priority list".  I understand that you have a great deal of catching up to do, but I'm hoping that you'll stand by the aforementioned quote.

I don't believe that I submitted the error on that Bug page.  I'm not sure I even knew about it.  I just went directly to you.  I assumed, based on your response back then, that you were informed and that there wasn't anything else I needed to do.  If it will help, then I'll be glad to officially report it, per the site.

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Thanks for info yes

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It will be easiest for me to keep track of if you will submit it via the bug report page.

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I reported it the same day of my previous message.  I understand where you're coming from as far as keeping tabs on it.

I'm asking you to stick by your word of it being high on your priority list and to reward my patience.

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