Topic: Some ideas to improve this wonderful site

Hi, first thing, I love this siteheart

However I came up with some ideas to improve some things.

1- Trolls problem: I think that they really ruin the whole experience here. At least they did for me. I think that voting no without giving any reason should be forbidden. If someone lows my reputation at least I'd like to know the reason why. Also, I got some negative votes where I posted full videos, photo of the highscore table and my name on a piece of paper... and yet someone said "video desired" or "I couldn't tell if the submitter is actually the person who achieved this score". In case of suspicious votes I think that the user should be able to highlight those votes to a moderator who could check them out and remove them, or ask the submitter to edit them.

2- I don't like highscores for just one level of a game. There are already too many games to vote, and this thing increases dramatically their number. Plus, I always considered an highscore as something tied to a whole game. I spent hours voting the same game for the same platform (often android or IOS) by the same user. They're really flooding this site, it doesn't make much sense to me voting for every level of Candy Crush Saga

3- I think that videos should be mandatory when posting a score higher than the previous ones. I have no problem voting Yes to users with a high reputation, but I think that it's not fair. Rules should be the same for everyone, plus it's nice to see how some people master their favourite games and learn something from them.

4- Last thing, I promise ;-) Do we really need Jamma/Pandora's box or Wii Virtual Console? They essentially run the games in emulation, I think games should have only 2 categories: real hardware and emulation to keep things simpler.

Ok that's all. Again, thanks for making this site and keep up the good workyessmiley

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@pierpy: That would be a perfect idea!!
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thanks for your appreciationsmiley

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@pierpy: We can still use the Virtual Console and the Jamma Multigame Boards as usual. I would plan on getting one anyday.
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good feedback, pierpy  :)

I most agree with your idea #4)  --having separate score charts for each different emulator seems like pointless overkill to me!  I've been saying this all along, we don't need charts for WiiVC or 3DSVC or NESClassic or Flashback consoles (except Atari Flashback 1), or Jamma or Radica Genesis, etc., etc.

Just: Original, and Emulated.  --that's all the site needs!  why have separate charts for multiple emulators??  never made any sense to me.

Also: Neo-Geo is the same system and same game, whether it's played at home on a TV, or in an arcade machine.  So there's no point in having Neo-Geo games added again under (Arcade).  you could stick a Sega Genesis inside an arcade cabinet and play it like that, but wouldn't that still just be (Sega Genesis)?  Same with Neo-Geo, it's the same system with the same games.

my thoughts on your other points:

1)  I don't think there is a trolling problem.  I've been here since 2013 and rarely ever noticed any trolling at although we have had a bit of that.  I think most of the time a user votes no & doesn't give a reason (or leaves one that doesn't make sense), it's just that they didn't care to give their reason or didn't see it on the list & didn't care to take the time.

Serious has promised from the beginning that this site will never require any user to give a reason for their 1 vote, nor ever cancel any user's vote for not meeting anyone else's voting criteria.  I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, otherwise there would be no point at all in having users decide if a score is legit, by voting.  Voting would be a joke (and a waste of effort) if we were required to vote a certain way.

2)  scores by level - I feel your pain but some games are just set up that way, so how else could we do it for a game like Candy Crush?

3)  Agree, better evidence for scores beating the top score.  Especially if the current top score already has a video, I vote NO on picture-only evidence (unless maybe if I notice it's still a very small score).  This is something that must be decided on an individual basis.  If enough of us (currently 24% of voters) require video for a certain score, that will be the rule for that score at that time.

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I'm glad you agree with me on point 3 and 4 smiley

Let me explain better on point 1 with one example: I had to put my score for C64 Turrican 2 three times because it didn't pass, and for unacceptable reasons. There was every kind of proof: full video, photos and my name on a piece of paper, and yet I received many votes against by people who said "video desired" or "you cheated" or "I don't know if it's really you". And then to my surprise I keep on seeing scores for emulated categories passing as 100% legit with just a screenshot as a proof! It's not fair. To me the troll problem really exists.

Furthermore, I think that maybe many lazy users just look at one's reputation percentage to put a no vote. They don't even wait for the entire page to load and just vote as fast as they can to accumulate points. So we enter in a vicious circle.

as for point 2) as I said in another topic, if it was for me I woud remove the entire phone games category, because in those games you can pay money to buy upgrades and no one ever uploads videos for them. I know it's difficult to record video of gameplays on a cell phone, but how do I know if those scores are legit?

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#2) yeah good points. I've voted no in the phone categories more than anywhere else because of those same reasons.  There needs to be some evidence people didn't buy upgrades or extra lives or credits, and it's also possible to download cheats where you can just type in a number for your score. 

I don't think deleting the phone categories is necessary though, I mean it can't be any harder to record a phone game than it is to record Game Boy or other handhelds, right?

maybe even easier considering videos like this one:

I've made a few videos of Android games and I record them the same way as I do Game Boy videos, similar to this one:


#1) yeah, just re-submitting is the best way to go.  If you have quality evidence it will go through eventually.  sometimes the voting doesn't make a lot of sense, different people voting in different categories I guess. 

I don't agree with a lot of the votes, but IMO as long as a user isn't cheating with multiple accounts and only giving 1 vote to each score, it's a legit vote and not trolling.  Otherwise it would be unfair to everyone.


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