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I was going to call this thread "This is me!" but it made me feel like I had to include way too much information to begin with, hence, the part about part.

I learned about this site from Atari Age and thought it looked fun!  Some of my favorites are:  Gyruss for the NES, Galaga '88--PC Engine, Time Pilot and Super Pac-Man--Arcade, Ultima VII--PC, Joust--Atari ST, and Wonderboy--SMS.  Those are just a few.  I'm not a serious gamer, but use it as a great destressor.  I drink too much coffee, like insects and arachnids, like modding game systems, and value old-school technology.  I've recently developed an interest in black and white photography and am hoping to enter a show next month, but because I'm a broke student, probably will just dream about it til next year.

It's nice to meet everyone!


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Welcome here. Ultima laugh. Where are the days... My student times are already some decades ago. But then again I am not broke. hehe ;)

Post videos with some identification to have a higher legit rate. Hope you'll have some fun with it. Cheers.

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Nice to hear the rare accolade for Super Pac-Man!  Only a fair number of us liked that one back in the day.  I never had to wait in line in order to play :|

And welcome!

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Thank you!  I am not very good at typical Pac-Man games, but I like the one for Atari 2600 and Super Pac-Man.  I was able to flip it once (I mean get through all of the different shapes) and it made me feel like I accomplished something!

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Thanks!  I'll post a vlog here pretty soon.  I really don't like being on camera, but I understand for the legit rate.  I made a little card that says, "Buttons" on it with two red buttons, but I have to use the crappiest video setting on my camera to get enough time to record my stuff, and it's kind of hard to see in the videos.  I can get up to an hour record time that way.

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Well, it is certainly not required you being on the camera; I don't do that either. I just use a webcam to record when playing on real hardware and as record app I use OBS. This way I have plenty of time to record .

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Welcome aboard, Buttons!  A 1-hour time limit, eh?  Let me guess:  Windows Movie Maker (does it to me, too!).

Don't worry about your level of skill in the games.  Have fun with the games and always try to better your own scores.  Challenging yourself is where the fun is.  But go ahead and kick our butts in the games if you can!

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It's not Movie Maker--I just use our camera--I'm guessing it's memory card size that's limiting it?  I can do 9-ish minutes in 1280 mode, 31-ish min at 640, and 60-ish min at 320, so I use the 320 setting.  I use puppy linux on my laptop and have never attempted recording with it, but my husband suggested a different setup with his laptop recording in a different room, so I'll probably have a different setup in some future videos.  And actually, THAT uses Movie Maker, so maybe I'll encounter some new problems.  :-)

I have had a lot of fun going through and setting goals for myself!  That's a really cool part of this site.

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welcome, Buttons

great name!  smiley

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I also like to think games are my destressor but most of the time that's not the case. For example when you press a button on the controller but the game wants to screw you and not respond or when you clearly dodged the enemy attack but it registers anyway, damn cheating games...

[rant over]

Welcome Buttons laugh

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