Topic: Top Voter Contests - what's the deal?

Every time there are contests on High Score, I am always surprised by my position on the Top Voter section. I vote on every single submission, every single day, yet I am never close to the top. I can only assume that the people at the top don't normally vote, and therefore have an insane amount of submissions that they can then vote on during the competition. I understand that this is a way to make people that don't normally vote have a go at it, but doesn't it actually discourage people from voting every day, instead saving them all up for the next contest?

I'm also interested to know how the points are rewarded for each vote. They seem to range from 1 point to about 20, but I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to it. If it is random, wouldn't that have a dramatic impact on the Top Voter contest? Two people could vote for exactly the same submissions, but have very different points totals.

I love that there are contests here, so please don't take an of the above as a complaint. I'm just interested. smiley

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yep I've noticed the same.

I try every time & can never keep up, there's just not enough for me to vote on (except this time! smiley).  One point, it seems a number of users mostly prefer to only vote in a few categories they're familiar with, so they have a lot built up to vote on. 

-- true it means unfortunately a strategy is to simply not vote until a contest.  seems this may encourage not voting but I'm not sure, voting is such a part of using the site it's hard not to vote I would think.  Kind of a bummer the folks who always vote on everything are disadvantaged in a "voting contest."  But at least the bright side is, it serves it's purpose making the contests more successful by helping stuff go through much faster.  Also I have noticed stuff going through faster than normal for a while after a voting contest ended so that suggests it may also boost the amount of voting even after the contest. 

(This time I think I got lucky -- we just got done with another contest, so those who won the last one now don't have much to vote on... I'd had limited time recently & after I saw I couldn't keep up I pretty much just voted on 5200/7800 scores (the contest I was in) so I could put what little time i had into making & posting scores.  so I actually had a lot built up this time to boot. )


yeah i think the points for voting is 1-20 randomly.  I figure as long as we're comparing users who vote a lot -- it's safe to say they're all getting on average 10 points per vote.   so i just look at it as though everyone gets +10 per vote so that seems fair.

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Please note that the vote contest doesn't count points, but the number of votes

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Ah, that makes more sense. Still, it's impossible for me to win the contest due to how regularly I vote. I'm currently coming 16th, despite having nothing left to vote on.

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no you can't win because some people "cheat" by never voting and only come when these contests are on. I think the scoring system for this contest has to be redone, because in the way it works, the winner will always be the same guys.

I think being a regular and vote everyday should be added as a bonus multiplier or something similar.

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I added a score some days ago. From between I had put up the video on my PC to when I had put up the screenshot from my iPad two had already voted Yes. No way in that short time they could have forwarded the video to see the score. I think the only positive is that they are voting Yes, but that probably because a No vote needs more actions. 

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Just mere hours ago, I was in 3rd in the voting contest and I was about 44 votes ahead of WonderBoy; at the moment, I am almost 400 votes behind him now and no longer in the top 3.  laugh

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