Topic: Turbo Controllers?

I'm not a fan of them but what's the word on turbo controllers such as the snes advantage? Also Hello, my name is Hott Cheese, I'm a cancer and enjoy long walks on the beach. Add me one twitter and instagram! @Hott_Cheese
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Welcome, HottCheese, I like the name!

mixed opinions here on Turbo controllers.  Personally I don't accept them unless it's a special chart allowing cheats or whatever.  It seems to me that's a cheat or modification to the game that the controller allows you to turn on, and gives an added advantage.

they do get accepted a lot, but I wonder if maybe a lot of people just didn't notice it when they would have voted no...

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That's good to know, I don't even own one right now but I won't worry too much about losing to one then either!

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