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I've had alot going on for the last year or so, but I'm getting to a place where I can start to spend more time making enhancements and bug fixes to the site.

I'm aware of the negative experiences some of you have been having due to bad behavior of a few users on the site. My intention is to empower the community to deal with these types of problems.

Some of the things I hope to accomplish over the next few months:

  • Fix performance issues on loading of large profiles.
  • Fix issues that delay the updating of leaderboards.
  • Improve the quality of the titles in the database
    • Edit or remove bad game titles.
    • Remove bottlenecks that cause a large backlog of requests.
  • Improve the community experience
    • Reduce the impact of trolls in voting and discussion areas
      • Abuse flags
      • Upvoting/Downvoting of posts in the discussion areas
    • Enhance the discussion area features
  • Encourage more competition on the site
    • Rebalance the incentive system to favor competitive submissions versus submissions on titles that have no competition.
    • Create new competitive areas around game genres and game systems (shmups, NES, MAME, etc) with monthly and weekly competitions.
  • Empower senior users to do more to moderate the site, without creating new bottlenecks
  • Security enhancements
    • Password recovery
    • Email validation
    • Change password

This isn't everything I'm going to try to do over the next few months, but these are some of the key items I think you all will be interested in.


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I'm glad to see that changes are a priority here.  I understand that an overhaul of changes doesn't happen and become perfect overnight, but it's encouraging to see it in writing and knowing that the ideas are on your mind.  It's understandable that life gets in the way and can keep you from being here at times, but it's nice to know that you still have plans for the future in regards to this site.

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What dugger said :)

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Thanks Serious. Looking forward to the adaptions. Love this site as it gives me the chance to post scores on all platforms and with a difference between emu and the real stuff.
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well, this is quite a news.

Can't wait to see this and finally be able to play again without trolls ruining my scores

Posted by on 2017-09-26 11:34:48

Awesome, looking forward to more fun times!!  yesyes

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Great to hear that you are still alive. :)
I was starting to get worried.

Great to see what you have planned for the future of the site as well. If you need any more help in any area, don't hesitate to ask. I may not be of much more help, but the community has a good number of people. Surely some of them would have the kind of help that you need. You don't have to do this alone. :)

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