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Can we put a famiclone score in the category (NES/Famicom). Please read the wikipedia article and give your opinion.
Beware a famiclone is not an emulation console like the Retron5!

I'm waiting for your opinions, thank you.

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That should be submitted under Emulation.

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I post score with Data Frog famiclone console.

Clearly this console is not under nintendo license. However, this one does not emulate the operation of a famicom at the software level like a PC with an emulator. But works like a famicom with dedicated circuits. So it's clearly not an emulator. How about a separate category?

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@Larquey: That would be great.
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A separate category would be fine but there are many clone consoles that don't run off of a software emulator, retron 1, 2, and I think 3 run off dedicated chip instead of  a emulation program; the problem is they don't run off the same chip as a NES/ famicom

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Indeed, it is not easy to determine the exact nature of the dedicated chip. But determining whether the console emulates by software or whether it has a dedicated chip is simple.
There are few console that works by software emulator, personally I only know Retron 5.

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I though if the hardware is different, but it duplicates what the original system did with the roms, then that's emulation.

...isn't it?

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I don't think so, sir. Emulation is a software process. But most famiclones work on the basis of a simple chip (Nes On A Chip - NOAC) which is a clone of all the components of a famicom/Nes. Thus a NOAC integrates a real CPU 6502, PPU, etc... within the same component. So there is no emulation (software interpretation) but the system works like a real famicom.
Except for the Retron 5, which contains emulators.

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We’ve been through this discussion before, if it’s not original hardware then it’s emulation ;)

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So the Jamma 60-in-1,420-in-1, Pandora's box, etc? Must be considered emulators! What they really are! since they emulate the games in a software way (it is mostly based on a version of MAME for CPU Risc).
While the famiclones are equipped with a real CPU 6502 and the specific circuits of a famicom on a single chip.
It's really not the same thing.

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I really like my new translator! It allows me to participate more actively in the forum.
I hope I'm not bothering you too much.

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No bother here. The Chinese multi boards are emulation but they are no different than most of the flashback consoles, they are fixed with a set number of games. Its fair to compete on these systems against others of the same system. If we start accepting scores from famiclone as real hardware then it will be have to be allowed to submit with any third party cheap knock off in every single catagory on this site; I'm not interested in seeing that. I personally dont care if they get a new catagory for some of them but they certainly don't belong on the charts of the originals

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Yes, indeed! it does not seem relevant to me to accept famiclone scores in the NES/Famicom category. However, the creation of a new category: Famiclone seems interesting to me!
First, these consoles are very common and used today.
Second, they do not work on the basis of a software emulator.
Thirdly, they faithfully reproduce the functioning of the famicom, with all the faults (flashing, etc...).
Fourth, they're not Famicoms.
For all these reasons the creation of a new category famiclone seems to me relevant.

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I won't complain if another category gets made for these, but I do have another question:

If the famiclone is not a "software emulator", does this therefore mean it is not an "emulator"?

Could we not call it a "hardware emulator" ?

...and therefore an "emulator"?

I mean, afterall, it does "emulate" what the original system does, right?

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Yes. It’s hardware emulation, not an original NES chip. It’s emulation 

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The original NES was poorly designed and I think that in 5-10 years, there won't be very many people still playing on them. Nintendo doesn't seem to have any interest in producing a console that will play cartridges so my prediction is that in years to come, the majority of scores are going to be entered into the "NES/Famicom emulated" category.


I used to swear against the third-party consoles til I got sick of spending more time just trying to get the cartridge to work (on the original NES) than I was actually playing LOL

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The pin connectors are replaceable, in fact it’s extremely easy. There’s the blinking light win replacement which doesn’t even allow the carts to click down (that’s the flaw that causes the problems), or there’s the rebox brand (I think that’s the name) pin connectors that are replicas of the original but grab the cart tighter and most carts work without clicking them down. I’ve resurrected to NES consoles with them and they work better than they did in the 80s :)

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they have physical flaws but with techniques keep working...


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Do you leave rf shield off also?



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Rf shield is the metal peice directly under the case

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