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I made a cupple videos on how users may cheat and how many vote on an honer system. I got a video to add. I will ladd later today along with my old one. I think votes are being to leanient and I think I will wright up something else that covers video evidence vs picture vs screen captures at a later time.
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Here is my video and I shall make more soon so we all can be better at determining what is false such as if this were a screen shot.

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other should also start posting so we as a community educate eachother. This way we as a community will be more able to determin things we had not realized priour.

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The irony, considering I added a little more evidence than usual with a recent 2600 Megamania score: due to only having an over 15 year old digital camera that can take only 15 seconds' worth of video footage, I showed my score, then pressed game select to show I had played the correct game.  I got MORE no votes than with my Atlantis score, yet that one I only did with a photo!  Pretty stupid, since I tried to add a little more than I normally could, evidence-wise (again, more than just a photo that time around), yet that one got a worse rating than with a photo-only score.

Pretty stupid.


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Yes I seen many pictures get better ratings over video. I seen non default game scores receave better ratings over a default setting game with full gameplay video footage. These are the reasons I titled this as (educating voters) because as seen in priour forum posts on favortisim votes along with being nice votes we lacking evidence with 100% legit at times while full proofe videos at times get an 80% or worse espishully mine once I start a  discussion that grows like a wiled fire creating dissemination acrost these boards. This is my first time ever complaning that Some no votes I receaved were out of retaliation. I seen mutiple times when I do not get controversial I get 100% rating so after this post I expect lots of no votes as it happened the last time I posted a video on emulated vs the real deal. Infact I shall link that one here as well.

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This is what good emulated evidence looks like

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Note this game is in A/A Expert and is fully shown along with highscore login on screen and the visual of loading the emulator. Picture perfect!!!!

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These are the reasons I titled this as (educating voters)

Yeah, and that's why I responded, to educate, as my thoughts were "for those that want more than just a photo, here's how I could provide a little additional evidence by showing the game select process that I played the correct game, then showing the game in my Atari 7800".  It was the best I could do until I get a full-fledged camera capable of recording full-length videos.  Then I got an additional no vote BECAUSE of more evidence?

Duh.  And I would say "consider yourselves educated", but people probably still won't learn: all my scores were made 100% legitimately, no cheating, no farming (most games I've played you can't even farm!).

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@DarrylB: BI thought your video was good infact I gave you a yes vote but as you state people will probably still wont learn. This does not stop me from trying
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@DarrylB: Hay can you use a webcam I can provide you one for free shipping cost and all.
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^Whoa, seriously?  Yeah, that'd be great :)

I thought your video was good infact I gave you a yes vote but as you state people will probably still wont learn. This does not stop me from trying

Thanks, I appreciate it.


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@DarrylB: My Email is Send me your adress and I will ship it out.
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I've read the posts and watched the videos in this thread. Alot of good info, which I basically already knew as I bought my first Heavy Sixer within the first 6 months of release. I gave that console to a friend and now have a 4 switch VCS and a 2600 Jr. (as the power switch on my VCS is faulty and the picture goes out alot). Try playing Fantasitc Voyage after the screen has gone to mostly static sometime. Although turning it off and back on will clear it up, but then I lose my score.

Sorry, I got off track. Some people may vote NO on my scores for legit or non-legit reasons. But I take pride in my scores and so would never cheat, and I don't know who votes NO on my scores anyway but even if I did I wouldn't vote down theirs out of vindictivness. That's just not how I roll. Call me old fashioned, but I think that you are only as good as your reputation.

Now, I have posted scores that were either wrong or in the wrong category a few times. Recently I had a score about to go legit when someone notified me that my score was actually higher that what I was submitting it for. Whatever the reason, when somone points out an error that I've made I immediately withdrawl it and then submit with the correct score. I'm dyslexic and have ADHD - so I make mistakes. But they are honest ones.

I have pointed out errors in other members' submissions, and skipped voting on the score in question until it was corrected.  I will say that if I catch someone cheating I will NOT be a happy gaming camper.


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You state if you catch a user cheating you will NOT be a happy gaming camper. Well with the kind of evidence you provide a cheater can follow in suite in identical evidence with no one being the wiser. All I'm stating is your opening the doore for cheaters to run wiled who all can state as you have that their not a cheater. You will never find out your an unhappy camper do to never knowing any different do to lack there of evidence.

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I currently aren't setup to do videos. I am working on it.

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Can you use a web cam? I got one for you if you want free of charge.

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Good deal I will notify you when shipped and time it should arrive. BTW thanks for asking about the job which is great. It is walking distance and it is a thrift store so I can pic up webcams for 2 bucks a pop minus 30% Employee discount. I was going to give you a bad ass one but got another one today for you instead which is still decent. I'm keeping the really good one only because I found out it has motion detection which I been needing. SORRY! well guess you can not complain it is free to yousmiley

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I have one, but the computer isn't located anywhere near my consoles, although I can use it for PC games and handhelds.

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Thanks for not freaking out on my input. Generally these kinds of discussions are met with hostility. You have been troumendiously tolerant towerds my posts. I appropriate the lack of hostility. It is most refreshing.

Now since your an atari gamer like myself go crack one of my trophys please.smiley

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thanks darkbanshee!

good stuff

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No, I definitely won't be complaining at all.  Thanks!

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I ended up going hiking this weekend. I will try to send it next weekend.

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