Topic: Voters are nice. STOP IT!

Omargeddon pointed out a score I posted was bad evidence and I agreed. LINK

I should has at the very least got a bad reputation for this. I honestly think bad evidence should not be accepted and atleast mark a person down. This proves it does not happen with 100 % pass. I'm disscusted to see this and NOT A SINGLE PERSON can say I earned this score withthe pathetic evidence I provided. That is right I'm attacking my self to attack you people in making bad voting decisions. This is why I stoped voting because I was the main no voter and most the other were actual trolls. I found it unfair for only mine S.BAZ and Vector-Gamer to be making actual real no votes while most things everyone else voted yes. I can not get to all he scores which made a select few get hit with no votes and many other to pass with ease and no mark on their reputation. I can not vote on my own scores so I got a 100% just like hose I missed out on to vote no against.

I know this has not been a topic for a while and it has been calm here which has been nice. So perhaps I'm the thorn in the bush and the problem causer. I bet Vector-Gamer would aprecieate my discust though. As soon as I start voting and posting my honest opinions I useually get shit on. This time I got a critical thinking awsome human being who pointed out I'm human like the rest of you and no better.

Thank you Omargeddon. I'm not being sarcastic. I truly thank you. Together we can bring better evidence to the site not feel bad about no voting while not being held to the standard of twin galixies. We do not need staff reviews of our scores but rather an honest voting system that punishes people for offering terrible evidence.

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@thedarkbanshee: I do not know your past in this HS page. But it simply plays, sometimes shows with video, sometimes it can be recorded sometimes no, we are only human beings and we have mistakes, I play and I enjoy playing, sometimes I upload video in some high punctuation and still vote NO, but it does not matter I have reflected, that person who votes does not have his self-esteem very low, jealousy, envy; Should make his own web for Him alone and thus the same will feel superior
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@thedarkbanshee: Here are friends, enemies and hypocrite friends, it is fun to play and compete friendly, this is just fun and have a good time, you should play for fun, in the end we do not win Nothing, only reference is made who could be one of the good Players
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@thedarkbanshee: In the personal to veced I think that for being Mexican some discriminate against me, but here I am, occupying translator and being able to communicate with you now To play !!!!!
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@thedarkbanshee: Personally sometimes I think that because I am Mexican some people discriminate against me, but here I am, occupying translator and being able to communicate with you now To play !!!!!
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I get along with Omar and he is nice, but he's also a hypocrite.  It's awfully hypocritical of him to criticize the lack of evidence on some scores while he is guilty of it himself (over 200k on Mappy in Arcade/MAME Emulated with NO VIDEO even though I crushed him in the much-easier NES version of the game?).  He also falsely accused others of using turbo buttons in some games where you can see turbo was not being used.

I'm in agreement that there has been some terrible evidence for remarkable high scores lately; in fact, I vote NO on such scores (I rarely vote NO, but I do it when it's a must).  While I agree with you and Omar, Omar needs to practice what he preaches.

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I also can't stand the arrogant ones who think they should be entitled to special treatment and not have to provide strong evidence.  For example, JES recently posted a score in Lightning Fighters for Arcade/MAME emulated days ago.  His score was high enough - at the time - to be the #1 score and there was NO VIDEO WHATSOEVER.  He threw a hissy fit over getting several NO votes on his video-less score and said "Haters gonna hate.  My score speaks for itself."  Players like him need to get over themselves!  I'm not going to hold him to a lower standard than I hold any other player on this site.

I obviously cannot send you the link of his foolishness anymore because he has since removed it via posting an even higher score for that game.

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BaldBull is becoming #1 on Lightning Fighters M.A.M.E. w/video, dude!

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I know.  I voted YES on Bald Bull's video.  It doesn't change the fact that JES should have included video when his score was good enough to be #1 at the time - and CRUSHED the previous #1 scores at the time.  JES's attitude was also pathetic.

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He was annoyed when he got some NO votes.

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And those NO votes were much-deserved.  He's no more special than anybody else is on the site.  He had a score that crushed the previous #1 and didn't bother to post videos despite the fact that he is perfectly capable of doing so.  I don't care how annoyed he was.  He needs to be held to the same high standards others are held to on this site.

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Thanks so much Dugger. Though I admit I started on omargeddon before he posted against me. I compleatly instagated this however that does not change the facts. If crap evidence is out beating top scores with good evidence I'm going to chuck proper no votes like mad. I'm extreamly glad you pointed this out Dugger and its time I come back to voting much more then I have been. I been skip voting many scores with bad evidence. I have come back to my line of logic to criticaly makes proper yes and proper no votes rather then skipping and being nice.


Together as a community we can make this site better. Anyone can call me a troll but it will never make it true. Curently on my way to make proper votes that count.

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Speaking of which:  JES's new even-higher score for Lightning Fighters is just like his previous one:  also video-less.  I'm not saying every score ever needs video, but there are standards to be held...

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Agreed. I stated it in the past as well. Games that do not have difficoulty settings no contenues or other setting I personally think do not absolutly require a video unless it is competing with a top score that does provide video evidence. Evidence vs evidence needs to be consittered. If not I think that is disrespectful to those who put the effert for good evidence.

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I believe that voting system might need an overhaul.

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The voting system must be taken a look, Mara!!

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I do have few ideas, but they have flaws of their own so I will not be presenting them yet till I have found a solution to these problems.

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This in its self has been a huge improvment from the past. In the past I was viewed as a bad apple by most and sadly it caused good gamers like Vector-Gamer to leave which I think would have left anyway. Other left who I personaly think needed to but we last some good ones as well. For the most part I was the center of attack from my scores to posts in these forums. At the time there were troll votes as well as retalieation votes both voting no. These votes were directed at everyone on the site and all users felt it. We need more no votes but these were the wrong kind.

Now the tide has finally shifted. Im happy to be receaving this as worm welcomed consitteration. I honestly though I was going to yet again get attacked and the forum would edxplode like in the past and become several different discussions accrost these boards. I was not looking to disturb things it is just what I expected. So glad I was wrong and now we can finally move foward.

Perhaps a new thread should start imposing ideas like a check list of things required for certian games like ones that have settings or contenues and also put in a check for the highscore holder. Once we all put in our ideas we can make the change. I helped make change in new buttons on the site as a single person. Just think what we can do as an agreeable community. As Serious stated from the begenning, we the people control this website and how it functions. Lets make this site GREAT AGAIN!

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I'm always with you, TheDarkBanshee!!


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Wow Dugger, you sure do complain a lot!!!

My disdain for negative votes or no votes at all is in direct alignment with the terms of this site in regards to proving your score:

"There should be some way to tell that this is actually your video or photo, and not something you took from someone else. You can do this by mentioning your username in the video, or by including something in the photo that shows who you are (such as your username written on a piece of paper, or your face)."

Just because I have chosen to stop posting videos, this doesn't nullify the the fact that I have posted an honest score. In all of my posts you can see MY arcade game, with MY initial card, and usually MY reflection on the arcade screen. Nowhere on this site does it mention that you HAVE to post video evidence when claiming a Worldwide score. That has become a matter of member preference, not the rule. I honestly don't mind to take a few NO votes from guys like you. My scores will eventually go through anyway.

Lastly, you attempting to talk down to me doesn't worry me in the least. If you ever want to go toe-to-toe on some scores, I'll be the first in line.

Practice up...

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Again, get over yourself.  Your response is exactly as immature as I knew it would be.  Your flippant attitude is the perfect example of what's wrong with this site.  By and large, the members here are good for the most part; however, you've become increasingly immature and annoying.

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The proof is in the pudding...

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Let's get one thing straight Dugger,

I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to compete in an honest fashion and have been doing so the past 4 months since I joined the site.

If you want to make friends, join Twitter

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Big whoop.  I had over 12,000 when I stopped filming and was in the process of uploading my 9,000+ score.  Does it matter what you or I got?  Nope.  Yet here you are beating your chest like a gorilla and trying to act like we're supposed to have a staredown or dance-off or whatever other sophomoric bullshit you have in mind.

But hey, congrats on finally uploading a video once again.  You should keep using video; it's not a crime to provide good evidence.  Good for you.

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OK, people, let's just chill out here! Move along! No need to fight!

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Ok guys, I've just been translating some things, some since the beginning of this site I've seen that they did not upload videos and wow they have very high scores, some are still uploading high score images without video and I do not say names, in mappy I do not get angry, I did not have how to record video from my cell phone, now I have a video and I have started to record some videos and I will try to do it always and still sometimes vote No, but this is not for Fighting, we have different personalities, we are here to demonstrate what we play , I do not consider myself a super God in games, I make an effort to get good punctuation and if I have offended someone, I apologize
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Yeah, What on earth is all the big fuss about??

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