Topic: Voting data idea

I'm thinking about ways to expose more information about voting to the community, without revealing private data.

I am curious what you all think of the idea of the percentage of "Yes" versus "No" votes being viewable on a user's profile. (Similar to the Legit rating.)

To be clear, this would mean the following:

  • You could look at any user profile and see how often that person, historically, has voted "Yes" or "No", without seeing how they voted on an individual score. 
  • Any other member of the community would be able to see this for you, also.

This data would only be viewable on profiles that have voted more than 5 times. 

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@Serious: Great idea. I am for.
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Hell yes!

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the only hesitation I had about that is it may influence how people vote, being self-conscious about their Yes-no %.  Instead of just voting how they think it should be.  I wouldn't complain though, and it might actually squelch a lot of suspicions about trolling...

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Alright, Okay!!
Posted by on 2017-09-26 17:32:26

Very good idea. When can we expect to see this idea implemented if you decide to go with it?

Posted by on 2017-09-26 22:34:19

I like the idea. This probably tell us more about trolls voting no on ev ererything

Posted by on 2017-09-27 03:28:38

I believe this is necessary.  AN occasional no vote is legit.  All no votes should be simply uncalled for.  The only issue I see is that if I have 12% no votes and Joe Smith has only 6% no votes, then I might be called a troll even though I have went through and have a good reason to vote no.  What if you were grouped into a percentage such as:  0-10% - 10%-25% - 25-35% 35-50% - over 50%.  If someone is voting more than 1-4 no's then they would probably be a hater on the page.  Just my 2 cents.  I am concerned that a big problem is that a new user might get no votes and then leave out of frusteration.   Thank you for asking!  Sean

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@ILLSeaBass: For it most definitely
Posted by on 2017-10-04 21:14:12

I support the idea too.

Posted by on 2017-10-07 17:35:57

The vote total vote number should also be shown. This data is already avaiable through the league's.

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If this change were to be made, it would completely delegitimize the democratic process. I'll give you a few scenarios which could transpire.

Scenario 1: the issue of wanting to maintain good standing

Someone may be inclined to vote all yes, or mostly yes in order to give the appearance of having a fair and just perception. Or worse yet, vote no on every other photo/video. Or the person could have a low yes % and say "gee I need to get my percentage up to standard, I'll vote yes on the next ten screenshots"

Scenario 1: The issue of groupthink

Joe Schmoe has a voting record of 0 yes votes and 0 no votes. He goes to vote on scores and the first score he sees is a photo with no initials and a legit rating of 62%. Thinking that since the majority of people seem to be okay with this score, he votes yes, regardless of whether or not he actually thinks it's legit, he just wants his voting record to be in good standing.

Scenario 2: The issue of trying to maintain a "perfect" ratio of yes:no votes

2- John Doe has a voting record of 500 yes and 499 no. As he's blowing through screenshots left and right, he realizes he's coming up on his 1000th vote. He comes upon a screenshot and simply clicks "no" in order to say he has a perfect ratio of yes to no.

Yeah some scenarios are less likely than others but I promise you that people will be scared to vote no on stuff because they don't want to give the appearance of being "mean." There's a reason voting is anonymous is western civilizations. there's some countries where voting for the wrong guy can get your head cut off.

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The idea was launched because we had some trolls coming in here and voting always No no matter how good your evidence was. And we couldn't identify them. But it seems to be stopped now. 

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