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What’s Good Gamers & Hi-Score Chasers? I go by the handle the handle of theDTG or DeadThumbGamer. I play SHMuP’s mainly but I’m a Gamer so, I’ll be looking forward to sharing Scores & Competing amongst the Best of the Best, here on! 

Most games played by me will be Arcade SHMuPs, console SHMuPs & any games I find fun or have a long standing High Score Leader. For me Gaming is Fun & Playing for High Scores multiplies the thrills & pifalls of striving to be Ranked or Recognized for Good Gaming! I’m looking forward to resuming play & competition as well as viewing other Players & Gamers contributions to  I appreciate everyone’s time, feel free to comment & let’s have fun!


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Ha ha, love your handle :)

Nicely stated intro.  Welcome!

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Welcome back DTG!!!

Let's get it goin' laugh

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Rock on!!

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Welcome DTG!  Glad you are here!

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I read your title with the voice from the computer in War Games LOL That was totally the reference right? :)
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I really appreciate it! My apologies for the super tardy reply as well. I hope to see some of your Runs in the near future.

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Thanks a lot! I’m not officially, officially back yet. I have to replace my MAME Gaming monitor & some other things. I wanted to have more Runs in & Voting participation by now (smh). I’ll be getting it together shortly (hopefully... lol). I really appreciate the Welcome Back! As well as Viewing & Voting on your Runs. Do you have any fresh (needing vote) submissions? It would be my pleasure to Watch & Vote?

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For sure, Thanks! I just Watched your Alligator Hunt & Blood Bros. Runs. You’re on a crosshair Shooter kick aye?

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Thanks Sean! My apologies for the late reply. Do you have any recent submissions? If so, what category or Console are they in. I wouldn’t mind Viewing & Voting.

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Thanks! Do you have any Run awaiting votes? If so, which category are they in...Console or System wise that is.

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As much as I’ve seen War Games, the reference you refer to doesn’t come to mind (lol). Maybe so, though. I say “let’s go” a lot & iThink that phrase has been embedded in my subconscious from either playing & watching Sports. Or from playing a lot of Super Smash TV. Either way, it’s cool that you thought of War Games, as it’s a Classic Game related film.

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@DeadThumbGamer: I have some out there, but no big deal! They'll get votes sooner or later! Thanks!
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I post in bunches.  Currently I am spending my time practicing for the National Pinball Tournament.  I will probably post all of my current pics in mid to late March.  Also depends on work.  Thank you for the reply!  Sean Stewart

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Good Luck!

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