Topic: What does the Troll want from us?

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This month has been a nightmare for those Trolls voting No on our scores ... what does the troll want?
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The trolls want nothing more than to just annoy everybody because they lead sad pathetic little lives.  There truly are human beings that pathetic on this planet.

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Yeah ... for the Trolls ... let us play ... go to other places or play dolls ... go travel to cities to find happiness ... they need to go out and see nice butts
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The site should be programmed to ban a user to vote if his No votes percentages is to high. I got 3 no votes on the Army Moves where I provoke a little. Does not take much more for it to fail. Something needs to be done. Who are these angry users you all talk about?

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Are old users .. maybe they want a change in the site ... but some of them cheated and lost confidence ... they are angry and so they vote No ...
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I think it's nrabus.  A user with multiple accounts who trolled the site a year or two ago, posting many pictures of a cat shitting in a litter box... and spamming no-votes.  he left many clues for us to figure out he had multiple accounts and was cheating by giving his own scores many yes-votes, and spamming everyone else with no-votes.

he almost got banned but then he apologized and said he was leaving the site and wouldn't f*k with us anymore and we didn't see his posts or scores anymore (from any of his 5 or 6 accounts.)

now recently, (a couple weeks ago maybe 3 weeks) I saw a score with nothing but a cat shitting in a litter box for evidence. (a clue?  a warning?)   The user was called nrabus05 (or maybe nrabus56 I forget). 

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This guy?

If that's him, we can only assume the "Free mustache rides" business has dried up and he now has too much time on his handsdevil

I found "nrabus06". .... You receive points for voting "NO", so this isn't the account... only a 16 site score. Maybe he has a different multiple account now, under some other name. 



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oh good point wink

yeah he might have a different n0-voter account.

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I suspect this same person/ Remember him? The one with the Hawaian shirts

alexa thompson

cassandra lynn

alana maruyama

wally george

sheri kidd

Mia Colucci

He subscribed under multiple youtube accounts on my youtube channel. And I can't find how to remove this guy...aaarrgggh. Youtube settings are so damn complex. Just found out you CAN'T remove subscribers...You can just block them from giving comments... useless.

So everytime I upload a video, he is notified....

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That's weird, those same accounts also subscribed to my channel, or at least of few of them. We can speculate all day here, but I'm still convinced it's a regular user to the site just because of the timing of votes. It's someone who hasn't posted a score in ages, maybe pissed because they received NO votes, who knows... 

As for that, most of us are now receiving 2 or 3 NO votes, not just 1 anymore. I've emailed and twitter messaged Serious now a few times with no reply. Without him doing something about it, the guess work we are doing seems like a waste of effort. Posting scores to the site is also a waste at this point, for me anyways. I'll wait this one out in hope that Serious finds time to look into this. 

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^I doubt Serious will do much, and not to trash him or anything, as even HE got no votes when I saw nothing wrong with his evidence whatsoever (posting videos showing him putting cartridges into consoles and playing them, plus the picture quality was fairly decent) and he didn't seem to care.  He always seemed to be pretty laid back while several of us (myself included) got pissed off at these people.

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That's too bad. I thought Serious would do something about this as it's his site and he put a lot of time and effort into building this thing. Thanks for the heads up Darryl. Bummer, but knowing that is 1/2 the battle, maybe even the entire battle. I guess it's best then to take this site less seriously when it comes to the voting process and these NO votes.

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Here's the troll on one of his alternate accounts.

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Here's a screenshot of today's July Top 20 list. All of the users on this list have had scores voted through in July, except this PinballplayerNorway guy with 6000+ points from votes... He's also from the same city as Maxwel. Very odd and suspicious. Maybe this Maxwel fellow knows this guy as they are both "Pinballers"... Either way, something is up with this.

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@ILLSeaBass: So... The NO voter must be European .. by the time he votes .... it could be a clue .. likes to play Pinball? But why be angry? It could be him? From norway
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I thought Serious would do something about this as it's his site and he put a lot of time and effort into building this thing.

Unfortunately not :|

Thanks for the heads up Darryl.

I'd even give a link to the original thread but I have no idea where it is.  He just said something along the lines of even he got no votes, so there must be a way to improve what he was doing.  That was nonsense, as I didn't really see anything else he could do unless there were spots in his videos that had some kind of distortion or something else fishy that someone called him out on.  There wasn't, it was just the usual buttheads being buttheads, plus I'll bet their own evidence was no better or they had none.  I'd really like to see what their evidence is just so we could shoot them down "just because", as it must be incredibly godly to question everyone else's (not!).

I guess it's best then to take this site less seriously when it comes to the voting process and these NO votes.

I've pretty much gotten over them but I haven't been real active lately anyway.  Have other things to do and worry about, plus some stuff I keep on forgetting to put up.  Oh well.

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the thing I dont get is I got 3 no votes on my space invaders score - (2) other and (1) vote thats just blank! but there is no blank option other than "other".. How is that?

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I confirmed with a few others and they are in the same boat as us with the # of NO Votes. I did get word back from Serious yesterday... He doesn't monitor voting, and even with the suspicious account we found, won't be looking into that or this recent toxic trend of NO voting. sad


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@ILLSeaBass: 3 no votes on every score, no matter what it seems like. Always "other" as the reason given. I'm kinda over it.
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Just noticed all of my scores got 3 no votes which triggered like a dozen of them become legit, lol.

This unfortunately is not the first time this has happened with widespread no votes. Assuming it's one person doing it, it would be extremely time consuming for that person so it probably won't last.


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Serious has said he would only intervene in voting if one person is no voting from multiple accounts, IDK how secure his voting system is as far as tracking something like that but if you actually got a response I hope you mentioned something about the theory of the current situation. Hopefully he will look into it. 

If you get a response from again please tell him larqueys and mine admin panels don't work correctly anymore:)

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Yep, I sent him a link to this thread including other things we found. He's well aware of the latest trends on the site. I'll email him again to tell him about the admin panel issue.

Also, we heard back from Maxwel concerning PinballPlayerNorway. See: ...  It's a good read.. Max will be launching a high score site in the next month or 2.... 

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All players Vote quickly Yes ... we are more than 20 active players ... vote quickly to beat the 4 No Troll votes
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If you vote "no" and don't choose any of the options -- then click "submit" without choosing an option.  That's how a voter can leave no reason, not even "other."

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Oh Ok. I did not know that..  Thanks

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I have been fortunate in the sense most of my submissions have dodged the troll barrage. It shouldn't surprise those of you suffering from troll cooties that pretty much all of the no votes on my scores are also in the "other" category as well. 

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I've not submitted a score to High Score in many months, and probably never will unless something changes. All of my submissions were getting rejected the last bunch of times that I tried, despite having perfectly valid evidence. I still check in occasionally just to see if anything has changed. Clearly, it hasn't.

I've really got nothing to lose at this point, so I'll provide some information that may or may not answer one of the questions raised above. I did a lot of investigating a few months back, as I was incredibly frustrated at no longer being able to use this site. I'm an admin here too, so it's particularly sad that I can't take part. I want to state very clearly that I can't be certain of anything (the only person that can is Serious), but I'm going to lay it out there without using names and let you guys be the judge.

1. If you look at the list of users for Norway, you'll find that the vast majority of them have never submitted a score. They all have names that are variations of the same things, and some of them have a LOT of points for voting on scores only.

2. If you access each one, you will see that a few of them have (strangely) made comments over time (mads, tobiasol, PinballplayerNorway). All of these comments were directed at me on pinball score submissions. I believe they were made accidentally while a particular member of the community was logged into one of the above voting-only accounts. I'm no expert when it comes to judging language, but the grammar used really does suggest that the same person was behind all of them.

3. It was blatantly obvious who made one of the comments, so I called that member out. He became aggressive, trying to convince me that his friend was staying at his house and logged into his computer to vote on scores, and this caused the suspect to inadvertently make a comment using the wrong account. I expressed my doubt, and eventually had to block the user from contacting me on Steam due to abuse.

4. From this point onwards, I started to get more and more no votes on my scores, to the point where I could no longer use the site. This was immensely frustrating for me as I really enjoyed everything about it.

5. I decided to test a theory, so I took screenshots of the Norway user score leaderboard prior to me submitting my last bunch of scores. When they were rejected a few days later, I checked the Norway leaderboard again and found that the majority of the top voting-only accounts had increased by a few dozen points, in line with my prediction.

6. Still not feeling that I had enough evidence, I checked all of those voting-only accounts to see if any of them had taken part in discussions. I found that one of them, Pinballplayer Norway, created a discussion where they questioned why Gameboy Advanced scores were being submitted as standard Gameboy. It was strange enough that someone would vote on literally thousands of scores here without ever submitting one of their own, but it was even stranger that they would consider starting a discussion. The link for that discussion is

7. I then searched through the suspect's discussion input to see whether they'd ever made any comments about Gameboy devices. I discovered that they raised the exact same concern on a different thread.

Either this person is cheating the system by voting on their own scores with multiple accounts (and potentially no-voting anyone that calls them out), or there is a heck of a lot of coincidences coming together at once to make it appear that way. The reason I've not raised all of these findings until now is that I still don't have conclusive evidence of anything. Not that I could do anything about it, even if I did.



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As I said to you a long time ago, it's pretty obvious who's behind all of this.  All it takes is common sense and intellect (something that person's sorely lacking in).  The fact that Serious just acts like an enabler makes it even worse.

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You know what else is comical about that person's lack of intellect?  He pretended not to know one of his friends (PinballplayerNorway) even though PinballplayerNorway said he knows him very well.

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Also, for the record:  I've already PROVEN that the suspect is a full-of-shit LIAR a long time ago when he and several of his friends claimed they were not the trolls and that they voted YES on a score by GTibel (which was a mathematical impossibility, as GTibel did not have four total votes yet, let alone the YES votes he claimed that he and 3 of his friends gave him).  I remember I was one of only 2 or 3 total voters at the time who had given GTibel a YES; the percentages at the time clearly showed he didn't even have four total votes, let alone four YES votes.

When I pointed out the mathematical impossibility, the suspect got very defensive and indignant and insisted that he and his three "friends" all voted YES.  Like I said, he's not very intelligent.

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This is all really sad, but I can't help feeling sorry for the person behind this. Does he not realize that life's to short to come here just to vote no to scores just to annoy? indecision

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The sad thing is that Serious actually let him admin a few categories.  Pathetic.

Posted by on 2017-07-31 12:48:05


After those proves?

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He was an admin for those categories even before I proved he was a liar and a troll.  Of course Serious doesn't revoke those privileges from him, however.

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I'll use the rest of my holiday to decide if I want to stop playing at this site I think indecision

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I know, but where is the fun. Voting no is allright, I do it too, but this is silly, and if Serious does not want to do something about it, then he shows he doesn't care. Where does that leave us? I do what I can to take this serious, and add requests as fast as possible, but it seems pointless. Just a few more added fake accounts, and all scores gets rejected. I was at 99.3, and now I'm at 99.1, it takes a lot of nos to drop that much, but it takes a lot more Yes to get that back. 

Its manipulation, and it is cheating. If this were MARP, the guy would have been history weeks ago.

Posted by on 2017-08-01 14:34:02

Going legit at 80% or better isn't a big deal. I pretty much always get one or two no votes but in the end my scores pass. Unfortunately for the trickster it seemed to be an attack (really with pinball arcade). I wish serious would've done more about it

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It seems that only a few players have negative votes ... I had 97.7 ... now I have 97.1 ... there are other players going 100% ... then the fight is against us ... and some we know who are the Who vote negative ... but let's continue playing and recording ... we know that we are good players and that person who votes No in our scores ... congratulations .... ignore it ... let's keep playing ...
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Please read :

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You are one of the oldest members of, don't do that.

Posted by on 2017-08-05 07:01:51


I've decided to stay on and just use it to store my records, but that will not even be possible if scores starts to get rejected sad

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Do you have more than 3 or 4 no votes on your scores?

Posted by on 2017-08-05 10:01:39


For a period I had, now it seems I only get 1 no vote.

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I'm sorry to keep hearing about this!  I had expected it would pass soon enough like they usually do.  You are a solid user, accurate admin work, solid evidence!  (And that was some good work investigating).  I hope whoever it is lets go of whatever grudge they have.  Stupid, childish crap!

Posted by on 2017-09-09 18:42:10

There's a couple of ways I can think of to reduce this kind of issue:

  1. I could show on user profiles a list of all other user accounts that appear to be related. (Logged in from same location, same computer, same wifi network, etc). This is information I can see, and I have always been able to see. (Yes, I know who is naughty and who is nice, and some of you are naughty.)  
  2. I could publish the percentage of positive versus negative votes a user places on their profile. 
  3. I could prevent users from placing votes who have voted negative too many times.
  4. Once a user votes "no" on a specific user more than a certain number of times, I could have the system prevent them from voting on more scores belonging to that same user. 
  5. I could limit the number of votes that could be placed by accounts that have no validated scores.

I'm open to suggestions.

Posted by on 2017-09-15 12:50:25

FYI.. PinballplayerNorway isn't your culprit.

The voting record on that account is overwhelmingly positive. 

What I usually see when I look into these things is that there is not usually a case where it is a single user casting a large percentage of negative votes. 

Looking at votes cast by some of the most active, established users on the site over the last few months, I see percentages of positive/negative votes in ranges from 80% positive to 95% positive.

So, some of you vote "no" on 1 out of 5 votes, some of you vote "no" on 1 out of 20 votes.


Posted by on 2017-09-15 13:59:19

I'm going to share a little more data with you guys.

I have looked at all of the accounts that have vote over the last couple of weeks. In all of those accounts, there was not any activity that resembled anything like a person (or persons) casting a large number of negative votes.

Maybe this was happening a few weeks ago, but it is not happening now.

Across all of the accounts that voted during the period I looked at, those accounts, on average, vote "Yes" 94.65% of the time. That means, 1 out of 20 times, you guys, on average, vote "no".  

Given that it takes at least 25 votes for your score to be validated, on average, you're going to receive 1-2 negative votes on a score. 

Whenever I take time to investigate concerns of a "bad person" voting against everyone on the site, I usually find that it isn't happening. It is usually a perception issue.

I've provided methods for you guys to give each other feedback about why you are voting "no", but it doesn't seem like that is working. You guys still continue to feel like an occasional vote from someone against accepting proof of your score is malicious activity.


The foundation of this site is peer review and acceptance of scores. In a system like that, no one is going to earn 100% "Yes" on every submission. It is unrealistic to expect that, and a system where everyone got 100% acceptance every time is not a valid system.

I wish you guys were more focused on "my score got accepted" or "I could do a better job on my evidence next time so my vote total is higher" than "someone is out to get me" or "someone is evil". 

This is a problem I haven't been able to figure out how to solve. When a user brings me a complaint like this, and I investigate it, and then I find it isn't a single "bad guy" voting against them, but the "no" votes they receive are coming from multiple users on the site, they usually stop using the site. 


Guys, this is your community. The way you use it is up to you. I can keep trying to improve it, and I can keep trying to give you better tools to vote and to understand the voting, but I cannot control how you guys vote on each other.

I can keep investigating your concerns that someone is trolling you, but when I find (as I usually do) that the votes are legit votes coming from established users of the site, who what more can I do?



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I really don't mind  a couple no votes on my scores, they pass at 80% or better as they should. One thing I'm not a fan of is voting no because you don't like the person, no matter what evidence is provided. We are reviewing scores on video games and that should be the only thing voted on, Twin galaxies is strict on this and you can get banned for doing it. 

Maybe if a score receives 6 no votes it can go into rejected chart or something similar where a few admins could look at it closer for final rejection or acceptance at 80%? Just a thought, I think the only way to address this is maybe have admins with a little more power, nothing heavy handed though. If the score has minimal evidence (photo only) that would be a little harder to accept than a full video 

Posted by on 2017-09-15 18:28:35

@derek: exactly Derek ... Some players have good: complete video, options displayed, console, cartridge, photo ... other players simply show photos or just a few seconds of video ... that is not good evidence ... should give more extra points for presenting full video ... this would motivate players to have better evidence... sorry.. my english is bad :)
Posted by on 2017-09-15 22:31:15

Totally agree with you Derek. We as admins should have more access to this.  Ieen staying out of this disucssion, but i think its time for me to adrss this issue myself. I am not the one who is casting NO votes all over the place, i do vote no were i find it appropriate but not all over. 

Some call it troling to get 1-2 no votes, i am asking back in May i posted a score already recognized by TG as a new world record on a game that i already hold the world record on (Exploding Fist on the c64), and it received18 no voteds, then 4  more and 4 more. If 1 or to votes is trolling, what is 26 no votes on a totally legit score ?

The admin way of working things is being implemented on the new highscore page going online for testing really soon, already have several world class TG players onboard as admins.

We are going to let admins verify scores, but people will be able to question evidence, then admins will verify or deny the submission.

Posted by on 2017-09-16 02:50:17

Totally agree with you Derek. We as admins should have more access to this.  Ieen staying out of this disucssion, but i think its time for me to adrss this issue myself. I am not the one who is casting NO votes all over the place, i do vote no were i find it appropriate but not all over. 

Some call it troling to get 1-2 no votes, i am asking back in May i posted a score already recognized by TG as a new world record on a game that i already hold the world record on (Exploding Fist on the c64), and it received18 no voteds, then 4  more and 4 more. If 1 or to votes is trolling, what is 26 no votes on a totally legit score ?

The admin way of working things is being implemented on the new highscore page going online for testing really soon, already have several world class TG players onboard as admins.

We are going to let admins verify scores, but people will be able to question evidence, then admins will verify or deny the submission.

Posted by on 2017-09-16 03:09:07


I agree with your suggestions 100%. But first of all, I'm really happy to read you again. It's been a long time since I thought the site was abandoned, sorry.
As I have often written on the forum, we must be wary of the snowball effect of no votes. There may be a troll that votes no for everyone who causes honest players to vote no against each other.
Everyone should vote in their soul and conscience. What does he think of the player, the proof, the game?
Is video evidence always absolute evidence? Is the photo evidence always bad proof? Personally, I think that the voting system is a good one. It is not infallible, but it usually allows honest players to be put forward and cheats to be ruled out. But sometimes it takes time. Your suggestions seem to me to go in the right direction and I hope that you will be able to implement them. Don't forget seriously that we are all here to help you, as an administrator, or even as a developer, I myself have a level of web development (php, MySQL, Javascript, etc...).
Welcome back and thank you again for this site which is for us one of our best pastime.

PS: I use another translator ( this one seems better than Google. I await your comments on the translation of this text.

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I'll add this for the record: Maxwel is not voting "No" more than average of most users on the site.


Posted by on 2017-09-17 11:23:15


Thanks for settling the matter once and for all Serious.

Posted by on 2017-09-18 02:17:27


How about public voting? 
Or, the complete and nominative list of who voted "yes" or "no" on a score.
So who contributed to the legitimacy of a score or not.

Posted by on 2017-09-18 11:24:28

There are good and bad things about public voting, one bad is wouldnt that encourage retaliation voting, like we see here already ?

Posted by on 2017-09-18 16:52:42

I think the votes should be visible to the admins only.  That way they can find out who the trolls are.

Posted by on 2017-09-24 19:47:29

All my recent scores has been "trolled" too, i would like Serious to do the same check on these to see if the same person did vote no on all 3 scores, and be banned too.

Posted by on 2017-10-04 03:26:43