Topic: What Homebrews Do You Own For Atari Platforms?

This includes Demos, Hacks, Homebrews; Reproductions; and games in the Track-Ball Series.  I'll start things off.

CIB (Boxed)  CIC Complete In Case  Melody (I paid extra to have the game loaded onto a Brand New Melody board)  Repro (Reproduction)

ATARI 2600

Alligator People
Amiga Boing! Demo 2.0
Allia Quest (Melody)
Blinky Goes Up (Boxed)
Chetiry (This port of Tetris puts EdTris to shame).
Colony 7 (Melody)
Conquest of Mars
Crazy Brix
The Byte Before Christmas (Boxed)
Mental Kombat (Melody)
Meteor Shower (Blue label; Also available in Red)
Pleiades (Port of Arcade game; Boxed)
Power Off! (Boxed)
Stay Frosty 2
Stella's Stocking
This Planet Sucks (Melody)
Tornament Cyberball
Turbo (Repro; Includes both the unfinished Prototype and a Completed & Enhanced Version of a port of the SEGA arcade original; Boxed)
X3V0LuX (Hack of "Astroblast")

ATARI 5200 (I don't own a 5200 console, but this is great)
Beef Drop (Homebrew port of  the "BurgerTime" arcade original)

ATARI 7800
Asteroids Deluxe
Astro Blaster
Beef Drop VE (Homebrew port of  the "BurgerTime" arcade original)
Crazy Otto
Frenzy (Boxed)
Jr. Pac-Man

Jagware Collection 1.0 (CIC)
Kobayashi Maru: Final (CIC)


Zaku (ordered from Super Fighter Team; Boxed)

And least you think I've stopped purchasing such games, well, you're wrong. smiley

On Order:
Atari Jaguar
Treasure Island Dizzy (Port of Commodore Amiga original. Fully licensed; This version has extras, including Save States; Boxed; Clear Shell option)


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Atari 2600

Pacman 4K


Saboteur (Repro)

Harmony Cart Encore SD

I currently don't own any other Atari consoles, but I am hoping to pick up an 400/800 computer at some point. I'm hoping to buy more homebrews soon, but for right now, the Harmony cart will have to do. laugh

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Chetiry is an excellent port of Tetris. Thanks for posting in this thread. I intend on doing this again at the end of 2019.

I also own quite a few Homebrews, Hacks, Repros of NES games. :)

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Chetiry is one I have to get yet! but looks great. and I`m making my list now.wink

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Great! And yes, Chetiry is d*mn good! Hard to believe it's for the 2600 and not the 7800.

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Atari 2600 Princess Rescue Seawolf Gauntlet Yars' Return [Atari Flashback 2]
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Atari Flashback 2 must be Added. Many New Games.
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I don't have those, not physically anyway. I do have the Atari Flashback 5 and Atari Flashback 6 however. :)

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Check it out.
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I have been watching his videos lately, but hadn't seen the Atari Flashback 2 video. To make sure that I don't miss future videos by him I am now a Subscriber.

It's interesting what he said about being able to add a cartridge slot. I'd heard that before but I don't know if it's true of later Atari Flashbacks. I have the 5th and the 6th. They are now up to 100+ games on these things. I'd like one with a cartridge slot but would never attempt it myself.

One thing that I disagreed with him over is his negative reaction to the unreleased prototype Save Mary. I first played it on the EMU7800 emulator some years back, and always check to see if it is included in a Flashback console. I do love me some River Raid though. Even thought it was ported to several system the 2600 version is quite enjoyable. 

The company that releases these things should add some of my favorite 2600 Homebrews, like Oystron, Chetiry, Conquest of Mars, Colony 7, etc.

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Just Skeleton+ for me.  I have many Vectrex homebrews though.

Definitely need to get 7800 Asteroids Deluxe and Astro Blaster (along with Astro Fighter) at some point though.

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Umm, Skeleton+ for the 2600, I should've pointed out.

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Skeleton+ has very good reviews at Atari Age, and it's only $20. I might have to get a copy. :)

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Yes, I definitely recommend it.  Nothing like Doom or Gauntlet in gameplay, but the strategy is the same, where you can't go running around, lest you get your butt pulverized.  A bit of a different FPS for the 2600.

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