Topic: What's the deal with AlanTorres?

Is there something I ain't seeing?

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Just vote NO.  The guy's a troll who posts the weakest evidence in games where you can easily cheat with pic-only evidence; even worse, he's an insulting bastard who does nothing but call everybody - especially Omar - names.  There have also been submissions where he posted scores with NO evidence (no pictures, no videos), including his Tiny Toons submission today.

The fact that he's even close to 70% on some of his submissions is a pathetic joke.  There is no reason to vote YES on any of his scores at all.  Players who at least establish their skill and gain the trust of the community first may have some leeway with pic-only evidence, but not obnoxious asses like him who haven't proven their ability yet..

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Excitebike, for instance, is a very easy game to cheat in with pic-only evidence.  If I wanted to, I could put in a Game Genie code that halves the timer's speed and just sit idly by at the finish line and then cross when it's good enough to beat the #1 time.  Take a pic and nobody's the wiser!

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Good point.

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he is a frustrated child ... he needs to go with a Doctor ... his vocabulary is of an immature being ... he is bothering me .. Excitebike, Mortal Kombat, Circus Charlie, haha all his publications are only to annoy me ... I bet he will make another account ... previously he already had an Alanyfer and from that time he attacks me ... haha ??... he does not show console, does not show full videos I do not understand what you're doing on this page ...
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I was so friendly that I welcomed him here, but he's becoming a damn hypocrite to Omar!angry

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@omargeddon: *He does on this page*
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A donde?

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@ichigokurosaki1991: so ... is there a button to expel it? Haha
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I wish there's flag button.

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