Topic: When are the fall contests?

I'm pretty sure Serious should return in time for the Fall Contests 2016 for prizes!!  I'm really bored!

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Because of this I'm inactive to post scores here. I'm posting scores only at Atari Age High Score Clubs - now I'm present on the first season of 7800 NEW HSC which has BEGUN!

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@oyamafamily: I would like to know when Serious will be back.
Posted by on 2016-10-20 22:00:14

I've been wondering when the new contests will start, too. Seem to be a little late to me.
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I've been wondering about this either, dude.

Posted by on 2016-11-01 13:58:08

Hmm.. well just because I ran a series of contests in the past, back-to-back, does not mean I am going to always be doing that smiley


High Score isn't about contests. Its about competition for the fun of it. I offer prizes, sometimes, as extra incentive, and to increase the amount of scores in the database in certain categories.

There will be more contests, but there will be times when I'm not going to be doing them, either.

In the meanwhile, I hope you guys wills continue to use and enjoy the web site for its intended purpose: winning and cracking trophies for the fun of it.

Posted by on 2016-11-25 08:07:57

@Serious: You're finally back, Serious!! Where have you been? We've been worried about you!!
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I've been really busy with some other programming projects.

High Score remains a priority for me, but its doing pretty well without my daily attention. The admins, for the most part, are doing a great job. There are some issues with title format and accuracy that need attention, and I'm thinking about ways to help in that area.

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That would be great!!  Isn't it possible to rid of those who vote NO a lot?  I'm planning on my next pinball/retro arcade road trip to Michigan.

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