Topic: Who is trolled ?

In order to try to remove the general suspicion that prevails on, I propose to present a screenshot if you are trolled.

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05/08/2017 13:00 Central European Summer Time

?1 or 2 no votes on all my last scores :

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Posting screenshot seem not work !!! I give you Google link :

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3rd time lucky lol

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Honestly, the trolls don't care.  They'll vote no on anything and everything.

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Most of us the Troll votes No ... either with very good evidence the troll votes No .. seems to be European .. by the time he votes ... I and other friends have the suspicion that he is an angry player With envy
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How many no votes on your last scores ?

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I don't do that for troll, just for me to get an idea about the damage.

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And to know if someone has more than 3 no votes by scores.

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@Ivanstorm1973: I have experienced in posting at 9:00 pm and it is 100% maintained ... around 5:30 am there is already 1 no vote ... and then another No vote ...
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Same for me.

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@Ivanstorm1973: But in the end always pass the scores ... having good evidence and reputation ... everyone goes ... no matter 2 no votes ...
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Thanks for the awareness. I have noticed this month and last month every score of mine has got at least 1 or 3 no votes. It must be the same person or people. I don't know who they are.

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All my scores had 3 no votes "extra". The trolls don`t give a f*** about evidence. 

Must keep on gaming and posting scores. And I have gone down 4 points in my legit ratio in 1 month...


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How many screenshots do you need?!?

All my scores have been trolled...had to remove them before my legit ratio goes under 80!

Going to make another post of just one score at a time and let`s see what happen.

But you had a good idea Larquey!


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Not that i'm worried or anything, but I also got no votes on my latest submission for "I don't trust the submitter due to past actions, reputation, or their legit rating."

I'm sure you have ample evidence of someone trolling here so I just thought I'd add my evidence to the pile for what it's worth. 

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Just screenshot area of the last score + system date (have you more than 2 or 3 no votes ?)

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It seems that all active players have 1 or 2 no votes. A troll can do that. But 3 or 4 no votes means either there are several trolls (I do not believe) or honest players no vote by suspicions. I think we can stop this!

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In Eu Time troll is very reactive !

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Take a look at my ONLY score waiting votes: 1942 NES Emulated with screenshot of high score using emulator Jnes 1.0; same evidence as other scores allready voted 100% legit; got 5 no votes in 14 total; i posted the score yesterday by the end of day (around 11 PM here in Portugal).

Help appreciated...

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My Gunblade NY Score Attack Remix record has least 3 no votes saying that they don't trust the submitter. I even added a video and still there are no votes!  It would be great if the the site displays the usernames of the people who no vote your scores. Then finding the trolls will a a lot easier.


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OK, troll give 1 or 2 no votes on all scores/players. With 5 no votes you make ourself enemies on Angry players vote no agains you ! I can't stop angry players but i can make request :

If angry players stop no vote i think we'll see better (just skip score if you want) and we may be able to identify the troll.

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Have you score with more than 3 no votes ?

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The only No votes I ever do are if I cannot physically identify the score. As an example, if someone posts a youtube video and it says nowhere in there that they did it, then i vote no. That's the only time.

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Tks Larquey for the request! Anything i can do to help just let me know!

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My Mario Kart Wii Luigi Circuit fastest lap time had about four, but it got voted legit anyway.

Posted by on 2017-08-07 09:27:24

Sometimes we are 100% and the other day no longer .. already with 2 or 3 votes ... I know that my evidence is very good. I put video and photo of the score and even so Someone Vota Not in my results ... and some of the other players also happens the same .. good evidence and the Troll votes No ...
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Exactly slonda .. you have to look well at the result that is readable and watch the video ..... no Vote Yes to all if they really have bad evidence ... to bad evidence generates No votes ... and not precisely The Trolls ... we must do The rules ... maybe when I was new I did not present video and had No votes ... now I always show full video and photo of the score .... that is very important for good Reputation
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There's been an unusual amount of "No" votes on my recent submissions.

Posted by on 2017-08-10 13:03:33

The troll returned las night just in time for all of my submissions. My last post was about 1:00 am on 8/13/17, Eastern Standard Time, and when I checked voting around 8am, there were no votes on all my submissions, with the same "I don't trust the submitter due to past actions, reputation, or their legit rating" claim. This might help narrow things down a bit. 

Posted by on 2017-08-13 09:19:04

I haven't had any no votes on my last 5 scores i submitted.
Posted by on 2017-08-14 15:21:34

@Pjsteele: But i still have 3 needing votes, so we will see what happens.
Posted by on 2017-08-14 15:22:12

my scores have all gone through

I usually get at least 1 or 2 no-votes

rarely get one to pass at 100%

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I am trolled.

Posted by on 2017-10-04 11:46:30

For the Troll ... If you are very angry with the players because your posts do not pass. do not be vengeful. We are not to blame for your past Actions. go to another site to post the scores. be happy in another place. cheat elsewhere. here no longer
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